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Thread: IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...Houston, TX

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    IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...Houston, TX

    We are looking at getting a fiberglass pool installed in the Houston area. I'm pretty set on fiberglass. The bid below is from my preferred PB. They actually manufacture the pools themselves locally, has been in business for 43 years, A+ BBB rating, uses NO subcontractors except for electrical...all the employees down to the concrete are his employees, etc. Overall I like his company and experience. So here's the bid I received...please let me know what you think. This is my first pool so I'm open for suggestions on changes...

    Kidney Shaped Fiberglass POOL
    Length: 34'
    Width: 17'
    Depth: 3.5' to 5-2'
    Built in Steps and Love Seats
    1 skimmer, 3 returns, 1 main drain with safety suction fitting
    4 color LED light
    Salt Chlorination System
    Hayward C-3020 Cartridge Filter
    Auto Time Clock
    Electrical hook up to National Electrical Specifications
    Installation of Pool Shell and Related Plumbing (note: all suction plumbing 2" sch. 40 pvc)
    1.5 HP Hayward Pump
    Manual Cleaning Equipment
    3' average reinforced concrete deck
    Cantilever Deck
    Faux stone overlay on pool deck
    Manual Pool Cleaning Kit
    Small Figure 4 rail at stairs

    Price $38,112

    Other options:

    Additonal Decking and faux stone overlay @ $11 sq ft
    6" waterline tile $2844
    Robotic pool cleaner upgrade $1495

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    Re: IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...

    Someone with more experience will come along, but we need know the general area where you live as the price varies.

    I think you would need more than 1 skimmer.

    What is included with the "Robotic pool cleaner upgrade $1495"? Depending on the type, you might want to include a booster pump for the cleaner.

    If you live in an area where you need to close the pool, ask if the quote includes a winter cover (mesh, solid, etc.).

    Does the auto time clock include a timer for the cleaner?
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    Re: IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...

    I live in the Houston area. The info on the robotic cleaner is very vague...that's all it said. Any more info ya'll can provide on what I need to ask the PB is appreciated.

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    Re: IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...Houston, TX

    I asked the PB a few questions regarding the robotic pool cleaner, skimmer, etc. This is what he said...

    The cleaner is a Tigershark QC manufactured by Hayward Pool Products.No booster pump is required. If you purchase this item along with all the other Hayward Pool equipment on your pool package, the warranty is 3 years. If you purchase as a stand alone item from another company the warranty is 1 year.

    The pump is a single speed pump. This is what 90% of people buy for all pool builders. A 2 speed pump is an additional $468.

    An additional skimmer and additional piping is $1,100. I do not think this is necessary in your case. You do not have trees surrounding your yard and pool. Rule of thumb: 1 skimmer for every 500 sq. ft. of area in pool.

    Any thoughts people?

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    Re: IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...Houston, TX

    I would not say a 2nd skimmer is required, might help, but not required.

    Just because 90% of people do something, does not mean that is the best choice. I would certainly suggest going with a smaller 2-speed pump. A 1.5HP is overkill your your pool and a 3/4-1HP will be plenty.

    That is quite the mark-up on the robot cleaner ... they are < $900 online (although there is the warranty to consider).

    Make sure the floor drain and skimmer are plumbed separately to the equipment pad with a 3-way valve to mix where the suction comes from.
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    Re: IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...Houston, TX

    I definitely would look at doing a 2-speed. The amount extra the pool builder is charging you is ridiculous imo since it is hardly any more work and 2 speeds really only cost ~$100 more.

    As jbliz said, 1.5 hp is likely overkill for your pool assuming you do not have any high volume water features (spa jets, fountains, etc.). Post the model number of the proposed pump and we can comment more.
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    Re: IG Pool Quote....Your Thoughts Please...Houston, TX

    And the thing no one mentions about a two-speed is that on low they are soooooooo quiet (almost can't hear it running). On high they produce a moderate level of noise...a gentle noise but noise none the less. Ours is also a Hayward.
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