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Thread: Swimmer's ear

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    Swimmer's ear

    Any thoughts or suggestions about Swimmer's ear and sanitation other than what is commonly discussed?
    Any thoughts or comments about ear drops after swimming?
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    Re: Swimmer's ear

    All three of my kids (many years ago) had ear issues after any type of swimming - ocean, lake, pond, pool, etc.

    Ended up many times with antibiotics, although no one ever got "tubed".

    Our old family practicioner MD (now deceased) advised ear drops consisting of 50% white vinegar and 50% rubbing alcohol. To adjust the PH and encourage drying. Hardest part was finding a dropper bottle.......

    Worked like a charm - never had a swimming related ear issue with any of the kids after that.

    YMMV, just my two cents.......................
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    Re: Swimmer's ear

    It really is not what's in the water but getting the ears dry after swimming. The over the counter stuff works good. I use swim ear. The main two things it has in it is alcohol and vinegar. You can mix your own 50/50 and get a dropper bottle from the drug store. The vinegar changes the pH in the ear and the alcohol dries it.
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