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Thread: Swim Spa losing water

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    Swim Spa losing water

    We recently purchased a home with a swim spa and are new to owning a pool/spa. We are having trouble maintaining the water levels on the pool and spa sides and are working to figure out a balance with the valves. However, after a day or two with the pump on, the water level on both sides is way down. When we had the pump off for a few days, the levels seemed to hold. Is it possible we have a valve open somewhere that is draining the pool/spa, or is it more likely we have a leak?
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    Re: Swim Spa losing water

    I have two experiences with losing water. The first one was for my pool. It has a multiport valve, i can rotate the handle to drain water or rotate it to filter water. The rubber gasket in the valve was worn and as a result water was still able to get to the portion that drains the pool. So when ever the pump was running some water would get drained.

    The second issue I am experiencing now and that is a leak in one of the pipes for my spa. Since the spa is built into my deck i am able to get under it and see the water leaking when ever the 2nd pump is on. I have yet to take the sides off to try and locate the leak.

    But it could be something as small as a worn gasket to an actual leak in one of the pipes or piece of equipment.
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    Re: Swim Spa losing water

    Check your backwash line, it's the one closest to the little glass inspection globe.

    If it is leaking repairing the multi port gasket is the best fix, although a compact ball valve on that line insures it will not leak.

    If it's a cartridge type filter disregard the above.

    If it is not the backwash, the possibility of a leak is high.

    Tape a ruler to the skimmer face on the pool and quantify the leak. The ruler allows you to know how much you are losing in a 24 hour period. Run the test the first day with the pump off, next pump on note any difference you see in net loss. Being that the spa is connected to the pool you need to put a ruler on both.

    Things like light fixtures have a way of leaking more with the pump on, not just the pressurized lines. Suction lines typically leak more with the pump off.

    Pictures help, if the spa is above the pool a bad check valve would cause it to leak back into the pool.
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