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Thread: winter plans

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    winter plans

    I live in tn and have a 15x30 agp. Need to do a better job winterizing as I had a mess to clean up this year (dead animals, gazillions of Pine needles) we pretty much just lowered the water and unhooked everything last year.

    Thus far I plan on a cover and I ordered a 4x8 pillow to float in the middle. Hubby has some kind of plan to tie down the cover around the pool.

    I plan to disconnect and bring in the pump, swg, and filter valve cover (I guess I will find something to cover up the sand part.

    Also will need to remove steps.

    So I guess that leaves the skimmer and return. I have the aqualuminator in the return. Last year we left it in. Should I take it out and put some kind of plug in?

    Skimmer - I think last year we just lowered the water level and that was it. I have found a plug that fits in the lomart skimmer and you don't have to lower the water. Its about $28. Or they have the tupperware looking lid that fits over it. Or we could lower the water and get one of those things that fits down in the skimmer that it suppose to keep it from cracking. Suggestions?

    Winters are usually pretty mild here. But it's been a very rainy weird year and the redneck word on the street is we will have a colder than normal winter.

    Last year we had a couple snow dustings and one freezing rain episode. Usually doesn't stay below freezing for long but some winters can get and stay in the teens for several days (rare)

    Thanks for any advice. And oh I know I need to make sure the pool is balanced and brought to shock before closing. I need to check too as I'm getting a low salt warning on my swg.

    Can't believe summer is already over!
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    Re: winter plans

    If you are TOTALLY closing, I'd probably put a full face skimmer covering on it and replace the light with a plug or one way valve, drain the whole pump/filter system and call it good. See ya' next year!
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    Re: winter plans

    Hmm now you have me curious. ..what's the alternative to totally closing it?
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    ? 15x30 Lomart Above ground

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    Re: winter plans

    Location: East TN
    ? 15x30 Lomart Above ground

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    Re: winter plans

    A lot of people cover it and just keep the pump running. And then there's everything between not closing at all and completely winterizing the pool.
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    Re: winter plans

    Hmm interesting. So as long as it's not freezing just run a couple hours a day and if it's freezing keep it running? Would I just continue to use the swg for a short Period of time each day?
    Location: East TN
    ? 15x30 Lomart Above ground

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