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Thread: About to start the new pool! Have a few questions

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    About to start the new pool! Have a few questions

    I am in Keller Texas and about to start construction on our new pool. This process has been a very long and exhausting trip for me as I am very detail oriented and have researched every little thing making about 400 changes over the last year. My wife has been very patient but has finally said "It looks great, lets start". The pool design is going to be 40.5 ' long and 26' wide, 110 perimeter and 23,000 gallons with roughly 1,400 sq ft of decking. The design will also call for a 7' step up with a sitting area and a 20x16 pavilion with fireplace on the backside of the pool with a 14x16 attached pavilion that will have the bar and outdoor kitchen. I have decided to go with Oklahoma flagstone decking all the way around and used a seperate contractor for that since the PB was almost double the price.

    I have a few final questions that I was hoping to get help with if I can get some opinions. The PB has been what I feel pretty honest with me during this process and was the 1st PB that I had a quote from and after talking to about 6 others felt that they were my best option. I am hoping to get the permits back this week or early next and start the dig the week of Septemeber 23rd.

    My first concern I have is the PB has added the "Ozone Generator" or Oxidation solution which is around $1,000 extra. He states that this will keep me from having to shock the pool and I was wondering if anyone had any input on this and if I ought ot have them remove from the bid? I also wanted to ask a question on the StoneScapes that we are adding. I think I am going to do the Midnight Blue which they are telling me is an upgrade and after calling a couple of places I have found this to be true and it is not much more money. The other question I have is we are looking at adding the glass beads to the StoneScapes and the PB is telling me that to add this it would take about 3 bags of beads and costs about $700 a bag. I wanted to see if anyone has any insight to this and if it is worth the additional money and if the quote seems a little off. I appreciate it and will post pics as soon as we start to dig.

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    Re: About to start the new pool! Have a few questions

    Welcome to TFP.

    Unless it's an indoor or very high bather load pool, I wouldn't eve consider the ozone. I've never "shocked" my pool and I don't have ozone.

    I can't comment on the finish, but someone will be along soon that can.
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    Re: About to start the new pool! Have a few questions

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Ozone is a waste of money for residential outdoor pools. Maintain adequate FC based on your CYA level and you will NEVER have to do what they call "shock the pool". In fact, do not listen to anything that they have to say about pool chemistry ... read Pool School to learn yourself, get one of the Recommended Test Kits, and you will enjoy a trouble free pool from the start.

    I do not know anything about the StoneScapes, so defer to others.

    One note, by using flagstone, you have eliminated the possibility of going to a saltwater (SWG) pool in the future. It is either soft rock like flagstone OR a SWG ... you should not do both as the salt with result in the stone falling apart.
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    Re: About to start the new pool! Have a few questions

    I second Jason's concern about stone and SWG. I have read about too many sad stories about decks crumbling from the saltwater. "SWG and concrete" or "stone and liquid chlorine", these are your two choices.

    I would consider either a two speed pump motor or a variable speed but variable can be more expense than it's worth when you add the automation required to make it effective.

    I would say if they are charging a large premium for an item either it's difficult to do or they are pricing it high to discourage you from doing it. In my mind, this discouragement means either they have not done it and will learn how to do it at your expense or they simply don't want to bother doing it (not a good thing in my opinion).

    This as all my opinion and I am not an in-ground pool expert.
    -- Guy --
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    Re: About to start the new pool! Have a few questions

    Welcome to the forum Huskers!

    First thing that catches my eye is a 110 perimeter on a 40X26. Seems oddly low to me. A 40X26 is roughly 1000 sq ft, and I don't see how that works out.

    Otherwise, Stonescapes is a NPT product, and I have considered it strongly for my build. Ultimately we are going with CLI Sunstone select Quartz. I've heard nothing but good from builders and one really reputable plaster guy about NPT stuff though. I know glass is very expensive but 700/bag seems a little high. You have to decide if it is worth it to you as it is purely personal. I also know that darker blue finishes have a huge per bag upcharge over all other colors. Seems like most of those in any brand doubles the bag cost of Quartz, or Pebble choices in all lines of the product. Not so much on plain plaster, but of the better finishes for sure. I think the bead finshes are really neat, but it's whatever you like and want to spend. I've agonized over this choice maybe more than any other, but when you consider how important a choice it is, it's worth it I think.
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