I have been trying to get as much information about the Radiant metric pools. We have been working with a pool company since early May. We are still in the design process (ugh!!).

We are interested in the 18x32 Freeform. I am concerned about the liner and coping. Is it pretty typical that they will need to be replaced within 10 years? My pool builder has mentioned this when we discuss our design. This pool will be installed on a slope with it partially buried. The side in the ground will have a concrete patio and the exposed wall will be covered with a retaining wall and landscaping.

Before we spend $40k+ for this project I want to make sure we are completed informed when it comes to this particular type of pool. Husband grew up with a vinyl IGP that still has its original liner and pump from an 89 install. Obvious it was taken care of throughout the years.