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Thread: How much do you spend on bleach?

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    How much do you spend on bleach?

    Just curious what you are spending on bleach each week?

    I am putting in one 174 oz bottle (approx 3.5 bottles per week) every other day into the pool at $2.28- So about 35.00 per month so far. Not bad at all I think.

    I have used very little baking soda and borax, mainly at intial start up.
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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    I've used 5 small jugs of 6% and 1 large jug (same) since I opened the second week of May. The small bottles were between $.99 cents and $1.39, and I bought 2 big jugs for $2.28 at one at Target and one at Wal-mart. Haven't opened the second big one, will in the morning. Too tired tonight., so less than $15 for about 5-6 weeks.

    No other chems needed, don't jinx me thanks - LOL
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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    Not a whole lot with the SWG. I keep a case of the 12% bleach available at all times for a shocking. Usually costs about 12 dollars at Home Depot - I know I could get it cheaper but it's convenient.
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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    I keep my FC at 5, adding 32 oz of ~10% bleach every other day. That comes out to one 3 gal container per month, $14.

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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    My local store had a sale on 1 gal of 5.25% for $.99 so I stocked up.
    I think my total so far is around $20.00 but I still have 5 gal that I haven't opened yet.
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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    1 96oz jug of 6% each night at $1.18 per, so $35 for a 21,120 gal IG pool.

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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    16,000 gallon pool with an opaque electric safety cover and chlorine usage of around 1 ppm FC per day with pool used about 5 days a week. 2.5 to 5.5 ppm FC at 30 ppm CYA with chlorine added twice a week. $3.65 per gallon of 12% chlorinating liquid. Around $14 per month.

    On the other hand, the marginal electric cost is $90 per month for the pump due to 5 hours/day of solar (plus 3 hours non-solar and 2 hours of pool sweep) and that's with an Intelliflo variable flow pump. At least it's a lot cheaper than gas heating, especially since we keep the pool near 88F.
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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    I'd estimate my cost at $20 bucks a month.

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    Re: How much do you spend on bleach?

    About 10 to 12 days on 5 gal bucket of 12.5% chlorine from the pool store. Cost $13.49 plus tax each. I try to keep my FC at 5. Hot weather with the solar cover off, I turn up the chlorine pump one setting.

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