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Thread: Intex SWG and Salt Filter Connecting to Game Solar Heater

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    Intex SWG and Salt Filter Connecting to Game Solar Heater

    So I have the Sand Salt Water Combo you can see it here, doesnt look the same as mine but its the same thing. ... +sand+salt

    I bought the Game Solar Heater SD1- to test it out and see if it works.

    Thats here ... cr_pr_pb_t

    Now following all the directions I can get my return hooked up to the heater just fine but don't see a way to connect the long black hose that comes with the heater to my pump.

    The directions are here ... Heater.pdf

    If you are still with me at this point here's a better explanation of my problem.

    I use the collared tube adapter on the hose that currently connects to the return port on the pool and the return port on the pump. I then can use that hose to connect it to the return on the heater. Simple with no issues, the black hose that comes with the heater simply attaches to the intake on the heater with a clamp that comes with the heater.

    However!!! Now I am left with one hose clamp and the other end of the black hose that came with the heater. This hose is supposed to connect to the return port on the pump which completes the whole cycle. However the hose is a 1 1/2 I believe, and intex uses 2 1/4. I have nothing to hold the hose in to the return port on the pump and even if I did the hose looks to small and like it would leak. I have no idea how to fix this and I guess I may have to order some part but the heater stated it came with connections for intex pools and I thought that it would come with a way to connect to the pump as well since its also intex... I would greatly appreciate any help.
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    Re: Intex SWG and Salt Filter Connecting to Game Solar Heate

    Intex sometimes ships a adapter that can be used instead of their hose (but still using one hose nut).

    Looks like this:

    A side note, that heater will do little for your size of pool. For the most part solar heating is all about square footage and the heater is only 10 sq. ft. and your pool is 380 sq. ft. so your coverage is only 3%. On my pool I can get ~ 5 deg boost on my temp with 70% solar/pool area.

    Do you keep your pool covered with a solar cover at night? That is best way to reduce heat loss.
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