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Thread: aqua rite -pcb- error

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    aqua rite -pcb- error

    I have had the situation where the device shows no power and not generating. I replaced the current limiter ( large black disk), put the board back in the box and started it up. It ran for a day then gave me the error -pcb- on the Display board. I have seen other folks write of the same scenario in other threads on the forum, but I never saw any direct response to the post. All the aqua rite manual says for the code is call for service. Has anyone actually resolved this scenario? Is it possibly some kind of recalibration? What do I look for next? Any response is greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Removed link which restated this post in another forum - BoDarville

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    Re: aqua rite -pcb- error

    Just had the exact same situation within the last 2 weeks. If you search on aqua rite, you should come up with the link.

    I did the limiter replacement, worked for several hours, then got the PCB error. I tried resoldering the limiter, but got the same result. My cell is a new T-15 from Compupool (instead of a real Aquarite/Hayward), don't know if that had anything to do with it. However, I didn't feel like messing with it much more, and my original board is from 2004.

    So, I ordered a replacement board from Amazon, about $180 plus $4 overnight shipping (Prime), installed it in about 10 minutes and everything is good to go.
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    Re: aqua rite -pcb- error

    Replacing the board is always a solution, but that would be the third board in the system in the past 3 years, the original, plus a replacement last year under warranty. My system is 4years old. I live in the northeast. I wonder if the cold has anything to do with it. Two years ago was a very mild winter, so the board may not have been affected. The point is I can't buy a new board every year if there is something relatively simple to do. Any other help out there?

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    Re: aqua rite -pcb- error

    i am now fixing the varistor problem on these boards for a local pool company. After repair, some of these boards then display the PCB error after being put back into the control box. It seems that the solution to that issue is to recalibrate the board.

    How to Recalibrate?

    Move the switch to the Auto position. If the switch is already in the Auto or Super Chlorinate position, move it to Off then back to Auto.
    Wait for the relay to click (listen carefully, you will hear it), then push the diagnostics button 5 times to the instant salt level with the minus sign in front.
    Wait for the instant salt level to stop moving lower, make sure it is within the range of 2700-3400, then move the switch up to Super Chlorinate then back down to Auto. This saves the instant salt level reading as the new default which, in effect, recalibrates the unit to be able to run normally and chlorinate the pool. "

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    Re: aqua rite -pcb- error

    all LEDs (no flow, check cell, low salt, etc) on my board are on. I replace both the limitter and two red capacitors next to the power connector. It ran for couple day then the lights are on again. Anybody have any idea? I am thinking about replacing the board but just want to make sure it's not something else.

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