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Thread: Problem with Intelliflo VS

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    Problem with Intelliflo VS

    I have a new pool and trying to maximize the use of different speeds for this pump. I am currently running 4 different speed settings, but am having a problem with the pump maintaining a full pot at low speed. I called the company I bought the pump from and they tell me that the pot should always be full. I can not achieve and maintain a full pot at any speed less than 2000 rpm. I have read through many post of others having this problem, but I am confused as to what is causing this at low speed. This is causing a priming problem in the morning when the pool starts up for the day. I can hear the filter burping and gurgling when the pump shuts off. I do not have a check valve on the suction side, only after the filter on the return. It seems air is accumulating at low speed and then when the pump goes off for the night the air is forcing the water out of the filter and back through the pump and back into the pool, so when it tries to turn on in the morning the pot is dry and triggers an alarm. The programmed speeds are as follows:

    1. 900 rpm 0500 to 1100
    2. 2600 rpm 1100 to 1300 (to run vac)
    3. 900 rpm 1300 to 1800
    4. 3200 rpm 1800 to 2000 ( running 4 water falls )
    5. 2300 rpm 2000 to 2200 ( running returns and 3 deck jets)
    6. 900 rpm 2200 to 0001

    30,0000 gallons running intelliflo vs with cartridge filter

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    Re: Problem with Intelliflo VS

    First, it is completely normal for there to be some air in the pump strainer basket when the pump is running on lower speeds. However, the water should never get into the filter and never get so low as to trigger an alarm.

    From your description, you must have a small leak somewhere above the pool water level, that is allowing the pump and filter to drain down when the pump is off. Finding leaks is a little tricky sometimes. The first thing to do is to watch the system carefully at several different angles while it is running and see if you can spot any drips or jets of water coming out of any of the visible plumbing.
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    Re: Problem with Intelliflo VS

    I have checked for water leaks and found none. I have taken the filter apart and lubed all o rings in the filter and pump pot lid. Any other suggestions?

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