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Thread: Hayward Perflex Pressure Issues

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    Hayward Perflex Pressure Issues

    Hey There, I'm new to TFP and imagine this... I have NEVER used or posted in a forum before, but i'm so desperate, and I see how quick these topics get answered, So here goes... We purchased a new system last year, we have used a sand filter for the life of our pool... 8 years. The new Hayward filter/pump seemed to work great last year. Winter came and we did the unthinkable... We never covered the pool. I live on the East coast, and that is a no no here. But circumstances prevented it... Please... I KNOW NEVER to do that again. Anyhow... We started the pump this year and didnt check the DE. The water was a color I can't even describe, but we added chemicals and went with it. A few days in we noticed no change in water color, and also noticed the jet in the pool was a low pressure. We then added the required 4lb of DE. Still no change. We then took it to a local pool place and had them service it in the muriatic acid. We got it back and added the required DE again. The pool jet was good for 30 minutes or so, then the pressure slows again. We bump it as directed and find it increases the pressure... The guage reads anywhere from 13-18. Now day two comes. The jet is totally bound up, there is nothing obstructing any of the hoses, so I tried to open the cleaning valve. I notice if I let it stay open for a minute only it increases the pressure from the jet a bit, but if I keep it open for longer than 2 minutes it spits like a brand new pool. The jet it as strong as ever. This strong pressure only lasts for 20-30 minutes though. I regenerate every half hour, and it never increases that pressure. It's only when I open that valve for cleaning that I get full pressure from that jet.
    As discolored as that water is the levels are pretty close to right on... go figure. The girls spent 3 hours in the pool today skimming the bottom. The amount of leaves they pulled up was incredible from having that **** cover off, the leaves were literally white from the chlorine, so I figure the discolored water is from the leaves. But thats not even my worry, Why is that **** jet not giving me full pressure????? The hoses are all clear, and both baskets are empty... (The skimmer basket and the pump basket). I have not added any more DE after the few 2 minute flushes from the valve, I know I need to, i'm thinking this has no connection to my pressure issue... PLEASE... any help would be appreciated. Thanx so much
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    Re: Hayward Perflex Pressure Issues

    It sounds like you are trying to clear up a green, nasty pool and the junk in the pool is clogging your circulatory system.

    With a DE, most likely the issue is in the grids. If DE has a drawback, it's that it is not very capable of handling a really dirty pool.

    YOur description of your issue is a little tough to figure out what's going on but that's my best bet. The solution is to make sure EVERY part of your circulatory system is clean. A key indicator would be the pressure guage. Can you tell us what psi your guage shows when the pump is running? What does it drop to when you backwash?
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    Re: Hayward Perflex Pressure Issues

    Thanx for the reply. The pool is not green, nor nasty or gunky. There are definitely some leaves and debris at the bottom, but the water is just discolored from the leaves. There is no algea, and the walls and floor are not scummy or slippery at all. Also, the color of the water is not green, it is more cloudy than anything. If I look in from the upper deck, I am able to see two steps down on the ladder, (it's a 4' pool) but not the bottom. And the water tests pretty much right on.
    This morning I checked the pressure before I did anything, it read 17. I again bumped it, and the pressure did NOT change... it stood at 17. This morning I again checked the skimmer basket, it was empty, the hose from the skimmer to the pump is clear, and the strainer in the pump is also clean. The hose from the filter to the pool is also clear and clean. The drain valve is also not clogged. The pressure from the jet in the pool is NOT at full pressure, and only goes to full pressure when I clean the filter, but again, this does not last for more than 20-30 minutes. And of course requires more DE with every cleaning. When I do clean tho, I find no debris or gunk in the water that is drained, just a whitish/tannish color from the DE powder, or sometimes a few clumps from the powder. But it's definitely DE as I have took a few clumps and squished them to be sure. After keeping track of my pressure guage, it does not seem to go over 18PSI... It ranges from 13-18. But as a side note, after we had the pool store clean the fingers in the acid, and hooked it back up, it was at 10... That was the only time we were at 10, and it didnt last more than 20-30 minutes. Looking for more feedback. Thanx so much
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    Re: Hayward Perflex Pressure Issues

    Sunset, welcome to TFP, go to this link : use-and-care-for-de-filters-t4086.html and give it a read, and see if you are doing what I say to there. If, after following the advice in the sticky (also found at the top of the pool equipment and repair topic) you still have problems - I'll post back to you with more specific info
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