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Thread: Ground is level, Pool isn't?

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    Ground is level, Pool isn't?

    So we are brand new to putting pools together. We followed the dvd and stuff, leveled the ground, used a level to make sure it was exactly level all the way around, then we add water to the pool and about 80% of the pool has around 2 1/2 to 2 inches of water in it, but a small area on the one outer edge has no water at all, as though that part is on a small hill, even when the level says it's the same height as the rest of the ground.
    The pool itself are always even anyway when water is added so it can't be that. Any idea what is going on? My guess was the area that has water's ground sunk in afterwords, though it's less than 3 inches of water, so I don't see how it'd sink in that much. Any help/advice?

    P.S: We are trying to drain the water out, but both drain caps are higher than the water, and the pool is still too heavy to move overall, so best thing we could do is just lift 1 small side to dig the 1 area, not sure if it'd help though.

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    Re: Ground is level, Pool isn't?

    I doubt 3 inches of water sunk it that much either if it never got all the way around. Did you build "UP" an area vs. digging it down?
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    Re: Ground is level, Pool isn't?

    We dug down, though it was slightly too much according to the level, so we filled in a tiny bit until the level when back to even, the area of the pool that has the highest amount of water is that area where the area that has no water was left alone and never had anything added/taken away.

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    Re: Ground is level, Pool isn't?

    I guess we're going to try to dig the small side down a little, even though the level is going to now say that it's uneven

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    Re: Ground is level, Pool isn't?

    Is the level telling the truth? Take it and sit it on a permanent area that it thinks is level and then turn it 180º in the same spot and see if it still thinks it's level.
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    Re: Ground is level, Pool isn't?

    What are you using for a level?

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    Re: Ground is level, Pool isn't?

    Update: So we messed around with the pool legs a bit, and it looks like the pool wasn't fully stretched on the side that didn't have any water, so we filled up the pool a but more to have the weight of the water stretch it, while moving the pool legs out more to give it more room, and the water level is now about an inch or less difference instead of 3 inches difference. The level says the pool is exactly level all the way around though, we even had a very large plank go across the whole pool with the level on it and went around that way, saying it's exactly level, so still not sure where that extra inch difference is coming from. Can a few patches of grass really make an inch difference?

    Overall though, so glad that it's more even now and that it now makes it into the "inch or less" rule. I will update again when the pool is completely filled and done, might not be today.

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