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Thread: Polaris booster pump failure

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    Polaris booster pump failure

    Last night I heard louder than normal noises coming from the pool area, and when I investigated this afternoon, I found that the Polaris booster pump is seriously ill...

    With the booster pump off, and the main pump on, I get a drip out the bottom of the pump in the area between the pump head and the motor - presumably the main seal...

    When I turn it on, the motor sounds like it is running, but it squeals with a loud metallic rubbing noise, and the drip is worse...

    Far as I know, the pump timing is right - both time switches are showing the same time, and I haven't changed the programming, so the booster pump shouldn't be running when the main isn't...

    I forget the pumps exact age, but I would guess it has to be 10-15 years old - the Polaris setup was a gift from the GF's parents, and I installed it many years before I got hurt...

    A few questions...

    1. Is this likely to be a "normal death" - or should I be looking for causes I don't want to do repairs / fixes w/o solving any underlying issues...

    2. I noticed at least one pump repair parts vendor mentioned having different seals for normal and salt-water pools - is my switching to a salt pool this spring (which I'm otherwise glad to have done) something that caused the problem, and do I need to worry about it when fixing this

    3. Repair or replace

    3A. If repair, is it likely a DIY job, or is it something better taken to a pump repair place
    If I get a kit to do it myself, should I get the version w/ the impeller or without

    3B. If replace, is there anything better and / or more energy efficient than the Polaris pump

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    Re: Polaris booster pump failure

    1. It's likely from a seal leak. I while I wouldn't call it normal life span, 10 to 15 years is a good long life.

    2. As far as I know, you don't need a special seal. Most of times when special equipment is required it's for ocean water pools. Swg pools are still considered fresh water pools.

    3. If it's just the seal and bearings, I'd say repair it. (a) . It is a DIY job if you're pretty handy (b). There are more energy efficient motors but they are only minorly more efficient.
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