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Thread: Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

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    Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

    Hey Guys!

    My name is Jon and I currently run a seasonal swim school in Minnesota. It is currently hosted in my 16x32 outdoor in-ground pool. The program has become so popular and successful that I am looking to expand into an indoor facility with multiple pools/instructors.

    Right now I have the idea of purchasing a facility where I can install multiple above ground pools to host swim classes in each of them. It would be 2-3 pools hosting classes with 4 students and 1 instructor in each of them.

    Here are some beginning questions I have been asking myself:

    Which above ground pools are strong/reliable enough to handle the abuse from kids jumping in, pushing off the walls, and hanging on the sides?

    What is the most reliable/cost effective way to heat the pools above 85 degrees?

    Any recommendations for the decking/flooring I can put around the pools?

    Thank You!

    Aqua Motion Swim School

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    Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

    Reply removed.
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    Re: Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

    Most of my students don't own their own pools. I don't understand what you are saying.

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    Re: Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

    Most any pool will stand what you want. Even the intex metal frame pools are pretty tough.

    You're biggest expense is going to be heating the pools and pool area.

    You're most likely looking at a wharehouse type building so I'd insulate the bottom of the pools with foam just for the feel.

    The first thing you need to do is research the rules governing commercial pools in the area.
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    Re: Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

    I was looking at the intex ultra frame pools, those can withstand people pushing off the walls?

    Didn't think about the foam, awesome advice!

    I will be sure to contact the city about it way ahead of time.


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    Re: Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

    Quote Originally Posted by n8henry
    Seems like most of your students would have outdoor pools. Does it make sense to teach them on an indoor pool? Just a thought. I'm new. Wait for some more advanced opinions.
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    Re: Need Your Help!- Aqua Motion Swim School

    I assume you are moving indoors to extend your business's swim season. I would say, given your environment, you will need well insulated building and it may be easier to heat the entire space to 85 and then water will come with it. I could be wrong, ventilation seems to be primary issue.

    I also wonder if a unified filtering system would be better or dedicated pumps and filters. I would say you could install oval pools to maximize length and efficiency with decks around the pools, or at least decks between the flat sides and leave the oval ends undecked.

    Also, research the sanitation rules for indoor pools in your city/state. They are very different than outdoor pools. BBB methods may be acceptable...maybe not.

    I don't know if an Intex pool would be acceptable to your insurance company. I know my LPS has demo pools, steel walled and PVC "sack" pools setup inside.
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