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Thread: Timer/Pump/Heater DIY help needed

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    Timer/Pump/Heater DIY help needed

    Okay, this should be called a DIYWH - That's DoItYourself With Help.

    Pictures are posted at

    I had a leaky pipe, and while [attempting to] fix the leak, I thought it might be a good idea to move the control box to the other side of the equipment. We didnít really have much room to walk between the fence and the control panel, so putting it next to the house seemed a good idea.

    The control box has the timer, as well as a double circuit breaker and a gfci, and some type of standard plug-in outlet facing down at the bottom right of the box.

    Now, I disassembled it completely, gutted the box, and moved the wires under the cement and over to the house.
    The conduit on the left I think comes from the main, it is two blacks, a white, and a green, thicker stranded. And the conduit on the right I think is the pool lights Ė it is solid but thinner, and is green, blue, and white.

    Now, Iím trying to figure out if I want to use the same old heavy rusty intermatic box, mount it on the stucco side of the house, and try to put everything back together, or if there might be another way that is better or easier.

    I have lots of tools and equipment, multimeter, etc, and some willingness, but I donít have the background experience.

    Is this something that I can be walked through It doesnít seem like it would be that hard. Put up Box A, put in gfci outlet (or gfci box or ?) and put main into Box A to power the box, then attach pump to cuircuit breaker, then gfci, then lights into gfci? I know there would be a map of types, but I donít find one.

    Itís a basic setup. Pump, Gas heater, lights.

    Can this be a DIY project?


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    Re: Timer/Pump/Heater DIY help needed

    Did you label your wires or do you have a good handle on what/where they go?
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    Re: Timer/Pump/Heater DIY help needed

    I have a very good idea where they are coming FROM. I studied up a bit on circuit breakers and subpanels.

    It seems the setup I had was an intermatic enclosure with timer and built-in subpanel, including a 2pole circuit breaker and a gfci circuit breaker. And for some reason there was a standard outlet as well.

    So two current questions. Should I sand the enclosure down, put in new weather stripping, and reuse it, or should I get a basic sub panel / load center ($40 dollars, HD?) and an intermatic timer box?

    If I go the timer + subpanel, would I basically wire the heater and lights into the subpanel, the timer into the subpanel, and the pump into the timer?

    And second question, where would I go to see what requirements there are regarding how high off the ground it has to be, including the subpanel/timer or the previous intermatic box, and also the junctions in the conduit?

    Thanks so much for any guidance!

    Doug B

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