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Thread: Looking for BRIGHT ideas to a TOUGH Plumbing Problem!

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    Looking for BRIGHT ideas to a TOUGH Plumbing Problem!

    So hereís a problem that Iíve been able to bypass for several years now, but itís still bugging me. If anyone has any ideas how to solve this problem (other than the obvious) wow, would I love to hear them!

    My pool has 2 skimmers, one at each end of the pool. About 8 years ago, something (probably ground settling or a root) caused the PVC plumping underground at the skimmer to crack (this is the skimmer closest to the pump). We hired a leak detection specialist and he was able to verify that the crack is at the bottom of the skimmer. To stop the very excessive water loss, I plugged the inlet at the bottom of the skimmer with a threaded PVC plug. Though the pool has been running fine since then on a single skimmer, I sure would like to fix this problem to make the pool ďrightĒ again. So, other than hiring a construction crew to destroy my concrete decking to replace the skimmer & the plumbing, then re-pour, does anyone out there have any bright ideas how to solve this one? Iíve thought of trying to snake flex PVC through the existing channel out to the pump, but interfacing to the skimmer becomes a hard problem to solve. Iím all ears!

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    Re: Looking for BRIGHT ideas to a TOUGH Plumbing Problem!

    Look in this thread. no-digging-required-fixing-an-underground-broken-return-t16209.html
    It's an interesting idea and there is also a link in there to a company that does this.
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    Re: Looking for BRIGHT ideas to a TOUGH Plumbing Problem!

    I will reply with the obvious.

    If you are 100% or 95% sure that the leak is at the skimmer the correct fix is to cut it out, fix the pipe and repair your decking.

    If you have a good company they can cleanly saw cut your concrete deck, use tarps to keep the dirt off the rest of the deck and get in and the pipe fixed and pressure tested in one day. After one day you should be safe to backfill and then repair the deck.

    The creative idea might be in repairing the decking area with pavers so you can save on short batch concrete or can do it yourself.

    Or maybe you can find someone to barter with... we do it all the time with friends.
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    Re: Looking for BRIGHT ideas to a TOUGH Plumbing Problem!

    I have recently lost both of my skimmers due to busted piping under concrete. It is really no big deal to repair what you have described. If it truly is a small leak below the skimmer, your local leak detection/repair company can cut a hole about 2'x2' repair the pvc and repour the hole. You will of course have different color concrete but they can do a neat job. I estimate your cost to be about $400 for that repair by most companies. Also if you rented the concrete saw, I think it would be easy to do yourself if you are so inclined.
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    Re: Looking for BRIGHT ideas to a TOUGH Plumbing Problem!

    Great feedback everyone.... thanks a bunch!

    I took another good, hard look at my set-up this morning, and have determined that the only "realistic" way to fix this break is indeed, to do the obvious - which is cut the hole through the deck plate concrete to get access to plumbing break. I'll take it as an opportunity to do some decorate square tile mosaic of some sort.

    Many cheers ~ Scott

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