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Thread: will non expandable liner stretch some??

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    will non expandable liner stretch some??

    I have a pool i hope to be installing this weekend, i had been planning on using an expandable liner but have read they can be a pita to install. How hard is it to get them in right if i have a 48" pool and dug one end an extra 18 inches deeper?

    Would i be better off to just buy a 48" standard liner and dig a concave area in the middle thats say 6-8 inches deeper and if i did this would a regular liner work and stretch into it?

    To me 48 inches which will be more like 45 inches deep when full isnt quite deep enough. Im a little leary of the expandable liner if it is a headache to install. Especially since i cant help my friends put this in as i have 4 fractured vertibrae i recieved last weekend due to a drunk driver hitting my squad car head on while on duty last weekend. One of my friends helping has installed his own agp so he is familiar with it, but i want this to go as smoothly as possible. And i need to get this pool up and get myself in it because i know it will help me heal up.

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    Re: will non expandable liner stretch some??

    Also, could i order a liner for a 52" pool and still utilize it? It seems that i would just have extra ljner overlapped over and outside my walls and i could trim or cut some of that off. Maybe its just a newb no no idea but wouldnt that give me more material with and eliminate any possibility of having trouble pulling the liner up over the wall.

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    Re: will non expandable liner stretch some??

    If it's an overlap liner then the 52" can be used. You can dish it out a little, more with the 52" liner and they will stretch some, not sure how much. I used an expandable liner and have heard they will wrinkle, I know I have some but I installed it myself and I'm definitely not an expert. I definitely like the deeper water.
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    Re: will non expandable liner stretch some??

    If you're not going very deep by dishing out the bottom, I would use the 52" liner. Get that baby in on a HOT day!

    Sorry to hear about your accident! I have just been through similar with my husband as he totaled our Harley Night Train on 7/3. He suffered massive head injuries because he wasn't wearing a helmet. He's not allowed to ride a donorcycle anymore! He walked out of the hospital a week and 1 day after the accident and is still recovering. I'm installing our pool this Saturday and hope it will alleviate some pain he's been experiencing in his knees and body.

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    Re: will non expandable liner stretch some??

    Glad hes doing ok.....i have had more than my share of motorcycke wrecks over the years , i switched to corvettes lol

    I ended up ordering an expandable liner, up to 72" its supposed to be 80's and sunny this sunday when i hopefully have it put in

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