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Thread: swg malfunction causing chlorine to rise???

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    swg malfunction causing chlorine to rise???

    Hi, below is an email from my husband. Last summer our SWG did an awesome job at maintaining our chlorine balance. I ran it at just under 10 percent and would check twice a week, it rarely needed tweaking.

    We run our pool about 10 mo of the year. In the last few months our chlorine has been rising, even when open to full sun. The SWG is turned down to just below 1 % and periodically needs to be turned off. From this mornings reading of 7.5 FC it has jumped to 9. We just now turned it off again.

    We added 30 lbs of salt last night. Salt test done with Taylor K-1766. We are getting a reading of 3400 now on this test. the SWG shows a jump of only 100 (from 2800 to 2900) after the addition of the salt.

    Last summer I ran the TA at about 70-80 with total stability. This year it is holding very steady at 80 and FC and PH are rising. Also the SWG will flash check salt and check cell, my husband does and it is pristine, no obvious problem, then the flashing lights just go off for several days.

    We close the dome when it is windy to limit tree debris in the pool. The debris we get is from doug firs, but it's pretty minimal because of the dome. In terms of aerating: we have less pool activity this year than last. The most aeration it gets is when i swim laps and the dog jumps in.

    Do you think our Goldline SWG is malfunctioning. I'm pretty frustrated!! Thanks for any ideas.

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    We are also having issues with Ph jumping up half a point in one day. I'll adjust to 7.5, then the next day it is up to 8.0. FC is also rising, and the SWG is at the minimum setting. Current numbers are: FC at 7.5, Ph at 8.0, TA at 80, CYA at 80. SWG salt reading at 2800, salt test shows 3200. It has been fairly warm, so pool wide open during the day. Pool at 82 deg. Suggestions on what to check on or do next?
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    Re: swg malfunction causing chlorine to rise???

    There is little, if anything, to worry about here. If anything, the SWG is working too well.

    It is normal for the PH to go up a bit when your TA is at 80. Lower the PH to 7.2, which will also bring down the TA a little, and repeat each time the PH gets up to 7.8, until your TA is down to 60 or the PH stops increasing.

    The various salt tests and salt meters are all +-400 or worse. Minor disagreements in readings such as what you describe are normal.

    If I read your signature correct, you have a dome cover of some kind? If I have that right, it will keep the UV out of the pool, which will dramatically lower the amount of chlorine that is used. Chlorine usage then becomes mostly a question of how many people are swimming, more swimmers means more chlorine usage. Leaving the pool open to the full sun all of the time will change things to more like what you describe for last year, but a few hours now and then won't have much impact.
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