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Thread: DE powder in sand filter? Also, clarifier issue...

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    DE powder in sand filter? Also, clarifier issue...

    Pool is clean but foggy. I have used clarifier in the past to get the tiny particles, but what is the BBB method for not needing clarifier? I wondered if using DE powder in the sand filter might help with the tiny particles, and if so, how to go about doing that? Ppol store said not to put DE in sand filter, but I would like an opinion from someone who isn't trying to sell me something. (ie - you guys!)

    27' AG round pool; vinyl liner; 1 HP pump; 40 GPM Tagleus sand filter

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    If the particles are too fine for your sand to filter out, adding DE may help.

    The procedure is to add just enough to allow a 1psi increase on your pressure gauge. Most start with a small amount, like 1/2 a cup or so, wait 10-20 minutes, read the gauge and add more if necessary. The nice thing about it is if you add too much, you can backwash and start over.

    How big is your sand filter?

    Also, are you sure you have an adequate FC reading for your CYA level and have no CC? No PH/CA issues?

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    FC is good; no CC. I am just recovering from an algae infestation and have a new sand filter, having previously had a DE filter, so I am still learning about sand filter usage. I also have always relied on clarifier, but in my other post, someone said they never need clarifier with the BBB method. Not being a patient person, I will probably try the DE method and see how that works and give it another day. Two days ago it was a swamp, so I am not complaining about some fogginess!!

    27' AG round pool; vinyl liner; 1 HP pump; 40 GPM Tagleus sand filter

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    IIRC, new sand in a new sand filter can take some time to really filter down to it's capabilities. Some say a "dirty" sand filter cleans best, and that adding DE is just "dirtying" the filter quicker However, seeing how your used to DE clarity, you may be spoiled Hopefully the DE trick will work for you.

    I'm highly interested in seeing if you can match the DE clarity you're use to with the sand/DE combo. I had sand years ago, switched to DE and love the crystal clear water. However, if sand/de can match it, backwashing would certainly be a whole lot easier Please keep us posted on your experience and opinion between the two.

    I think no use of clarifier is common with BBB due to the nature of learning the process to keep our pools clean and algae free.

    Good luck

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    I HATED the maintenance of the DE filter. It did not even have an option to vacuum to waste, so I was taking out the filter and spraying it off literally 10 times a day in the spring. I went through almost 50 pounds of DE powder this spring before giving up and buying a sand filter. I will happily give up some clarity as a trade-0ff for the ease of backwashing this new filter!

    Good day,
    27' AG round pool; vinyl liner; 1 HP pump; 40 GPM Tagleus sand filter

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