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Thread: PH Keeps Increasing

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    PH Keeps Increasing

    After 8 years of tablets I'm 3 weeks into the BBB method thanks to all of the great advice on this forum. Got tired of the frequent drain/fill cycles to reduce my CYA.
    I got the CYA down to 50 from 140.
    Here are my latest test results (Taylor K-2006 test kit)
    FC- 6.0
    CC- 0.0
    PH- 7.5
    TA- 100
    CH- 225
    CYA- 50
    The water is crystal clear, best it has ever looked.

    My problem is the PH creeps up to 8.0 in 3-4 days, I add acid to bring it down but in another 3-4 days it's back up to 8.0.

    When I used tablets and cal-hypo for chlorination I didn't have to adjust the PH, it stayed pretty constant. (tested with the Aqua-Chek TruTest prior to the Taylor K-2006)

    Can anyone help? Am I doing something wrong? I'm going on vacation soon for 2 weeks, I am going back to tablets then but now I'm worried about the PH over that period of time.

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    Re: PH Keeps Increasing

    The tabs push the pH down. You were adding acid before, but it was the chlorine tablets. Try bringing it down to 7-7.2 and keeping it closer to that end of the range. That should help drive your TA down which will help.
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    Re: PH Keeps Increasing

    To elaborate on what JohnT said a little, your TA is above what we recommend. As a result your PH will tend to go up. By lowering TA you will certainly reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the PH increases.
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    Re: PH Keeps Increasing

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll get the PH down to 7.0-7.2 as you suggested. I don't have a problem having to add acid routinely, I was just worried about what would happen during the two weeks when I will be away. Sounds like it won't be an issue because I will be using tabs again for that time.

    What kind of problems could I have if the PH rises to 8.0 or greater for 2 weeks?

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    Re: PH Keeps Increasing

    You could get scaling if the pH is that high, but it probably won't do any real damage your pool. Your tablets will help keep it down during that time.

    I had the same problem when I stopped using trichlor. Once your TA comes down it will start to slow down. Last year I had to add acid every other day, this year it is about once a week.
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