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Thread: vintage 1960's ish pool slide

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    vintage 1960's ish pool slide


    Im new here with a rather odd question. We have inherited an old vintage blue fibreglass pool slide and we are interested in selling it. I have tried to look up the price online and all I can find is people selling pictures of the slide....which has made me wonder, do we have the last one in the world? any ideas, anyone?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: vintage 1960's ish pool slide

    Welcome to TFP!

    You could always try selling it on eBay. I'd think the value would be based on condition. Fiberglass tends to break down over the years leaving a rough surface.
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    Re: vintage 1960's ish pool slide

    Its in very very good shape. My problem is I have no references. I may have spoke too soon and I think I have some one interested and now dont know what to ask.

    Thank you for the warm welcome john!! Ive always figured if you have a pool your automatically more relaxed and friendly

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    Re: vintage 1960's ish pool slide

    We bought one at a tag sale for $120. The guy originally wanted $300 for it but when I came at the end of the day with only $120 cash on me, he took it. It's in great condition, too. My pool is on the slide show (and the slide show thread) . . we painted it white and love it. It's a straight slide which I never see anymore - all the slides now are curved. Brings back childhood memories of when all the pools on Cape Cod had slides back in the 60's and I used to LOVE them!!
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    Re: vintage 1960's ish pool slide

    Thank you chessie6. You have no idea how much that helps. Right, the sentimental look for the slide is just heartwarming. Remembering fun summer days, lemonade, and watching freckles pop up on my nose.. I wish we could keep for new grandchildren, but it is set next to a steeply dug pond and if you slide down it you land in 4 ft of water and the rest is rocks......not a good day! I think we would like to go back to a slanted telephone phone with a rope attached, you at least stand half a chance. Knowing how much you paid kinda throws me off from what I was told, pool supply stores here told me 5 to 6 hundred, so at least I can readjust the price. Mine is 10 ft from front "arms" to legs of latter and curves off to left. So many 400.? Im beginning to think it maybe came from a public pool because of the size.

    Thanks to all again. Any input is so very helpful.

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