Howdy all,

We had a Leisure Pools FB pool installed last year. 34x15 shaped pool (called the Riviera 34). I recently purchased an Ecojet Plus robotic cleaner from Epic Pool Supply for $800. I really like the idea of this cleaner (no moving parts, good water flow, etc.) and where it does go in my pool it does a very good job of cleaning. It also seems to pick up large and small debris, even real small algea, etc.

The problem I am having is it gets "stuck" in the deep end and shallow end of my pool because my pool is so narrow, it doesn't seem to have enough room to turn itself far enough to move on. I have tried different pin settings and have tried with the floaters in and out, and nothing seems to get it to cover the entire pool (or even most of the pool). I can manually "move" the robot to get it to the areas it doesn't get to, and I can clean the entire floor of my pool in well under 1 hour, but I do have to manually move it to make this happen.

I have a few more days to return it and get a different robot from Epic at no restocking fee, but I am totally confused on what to do. I called Maytronics and they recommend their DX6 as it has different scanning technology in it and is supposed to work well with shaped pools like mine. However, there aren't many reviews on the DX6 yet and I have read good and bad reviews on the other Dolphin models. My overall concern with these are all of the moving parts AND the DX6 costs $400 more than the Ecojet Plus, so do I want to pay $400 more for something with a remote control "in case" it too doesn't get to all of the areas in my pool...

It seems to come down to something with less moving parts that will probably last longer but is not a "drop in and forget about it" cleaner versus something with more moving parts that "might be" a drop in and forget about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially from folks with shaped pools and robotic cleaners.