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Thread: Pool Cleaners - WHICH ONE?

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    Pool Cleaners - WHICH ONE?

    We're trying to figure out which pool cleaner to purchase?
    New pool owners (soon to be). Construction starts in 2 weeks.

    We are thinking about the Zodiac Barracuda G4?
    Do you think this would be a good choice for this size pool?
    All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    True L - Inground Vinyl

    Left side is 40' long

    Top (Deep End) is 20' wide
    ***************** Right side (Shallow End) is 18' long
    This is 28' wide
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    I have the zodiac G4 and I love it. With that said I purchased it for a small free form fiberglass pool. It did a great job on that pool but it did take round about 6 hours to clean. I used to set it up at night and let it go. Wake up every morning 1-2 week with a perfectly clean pool.

    The area I lived in was very dusty so I had to do it often.

    Lots of others here have more expensive cleaners around 1000k-2k(aquabot t4, dolphin) that will clean a big pool like yours in an hour or so. They love them. I question with your pool being that big if the zodiac is the way to go. Spending more now will eliminate headache later. Just a thought.
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    Variable speed Pentair intelliflo superpump
    420 Clean and Clear Plus cartridge filter.
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    I mistakenly fought a w-a-a-ay too small pool cleaner in my large pool for two years. (well, I was cheap, too)

    I finally coughed up for a big robot (blue diamond R/C) and have never looked back.

    Your pool is gonna' require something as large and subsequently in the same price range...$1000 plus.
    Dave S.
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    Like Duraleigh I bit the bullet and got the Blue Diamond this season (I didn't get the TC model). Have used it for about 2-3 weeks and am very happy with it so far.

    For a pool your size you may want to look at a similar model (Aquabot T4 I think is another alternative) so you don't need to wait so long for the pool to be cleaned up.
    Pool Details:
    - inground vinyl liner, approx 35,000 gal; Hayward DE-6000; Pentair VS3050
    - 600sq ft Heliocol; Blue Diamond; 8 Gal Liquidator
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    Another vote for the G4 here.
    I'm using one in a 55K gallon rectangle indoor pool and it 's able to clean the entire pool over night. Of course it's indoors so leaves aren't an issue for us.
    The thing I love about the Zodiacs the most, one moving part inside. 8)

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