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Thread: New AG Pool -- Build Questions

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    New AG Pool -- Build Questions

    Hey, people. I love the forum. I have much to learn!

    We just purchased a 33' AG pool online and it should be here next week. So, these questions are limited to construction and installation (at this point). Thanks in advance. Many of you have already been a great resource even though you didn't know it.

    1. DIY vs. Professional. Home improvement is a hobby for me, but I am a busy man. I see many of you make comments like "best money ever spent" with regard to professional installation. Since I have never done this, should I go with a pro? On the other hand, I love a challenge!

    2. Pool bottoms. When I first googled "happy bottom", I found there were a lot of web sites dedicated to the topic, but few of them had anything to do with swimming pools. I think I would like to put in some kind of foam on the sand, but is it necessary to go with materials targeted for pools? Or can you use any old foam or rubber sheet from the hardware store? Do you have any suggestions?

    3. Wall foam. This is the same question as with the bottom. Note that I live in south Louisiana so insulation is not really a priority. I am more interested in protecting the liner. Will any old closed-cell PE foam do?

    I have done a lot of searches on this forum, but it is possible I missed one that already addresses these topics. Feel free to point me in the right direction if need be. Thank you!

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    I can't really help answer your questions but I would put something between the sand and the liner if I could do it over. Our neighbor friend had the exact same pool, but slightly larger, the same year as us. She had a "cush" bottom put in and hasn't had the same issues as me, with "toe" indents and some sort of algea/mildew staining on the bottom of the pool, which I've been told the only way to get rid of is to replace the liner, that the mildew grows under the liner. My 0.02.

    Good luck.
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    An AG install is lots of hot heavy work that requires several people (or heavy equipment) for hours or days (depending on complications). For a pool that size it could take a while. It is something that someone who is handy, and can convince their friends to help, can do. But you will owe your friends big time afterwards.
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    If you are busy I would suggest finding an installer,but shop around as the price varies. The guy I found charged me $ 800.00 and was done in four hours. I had to buy the sand.

    As for the foam bottom,I skipped it and the bottom of my pool is pretty smooth. The installer told me not to swim in the pool for 48 hours after it was full to let the water pack the sand.
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    My 1st install, the majority was done by my dad but I dug the hole out on down time and the pool was off by an inch or so.

    My second install was done by me as forewoman.

    I took the old pool down with my brother in April of last year. In May, I started releveling the pavers by hand with a 3ft level and then a 5ft level from end to end on each side of the pavers all the way around. Then I started at one side of the pool and wet my sand and leveled it with the pavers in all directions after I packed it with my hands. I did this for 3-5 hours an evening til I was done . That took me about 3 weeks in all and the dog wouldn't even go near the site til the pool went up becuz I had it out with her.

    Once the pool came in, I had my best friend, my hubby and my 11 year old son help with the build.

    I got the bottom track and walls bolted up in about 2 hours or so.

    Happy bottom on the floor and wall pad and coving in by 7 or 8 pm that night and then a thunderstorm blew in. I had to put the top rails on for support before it got too dark.

    The next day was liner instalation which my 9 year old daughter and my 11 year old son helped with. I had a problem with high winds that day and the walls collapsed on me a few times and jumped the track as I was filling it. I had hubby help me out of a few predicaments on that issue.

    In all, it took me 4 days to do the complete instalation and I'd do it again if I had to because it's perfect!

    I did however look into having it professionally done but $500 bucks just didn't seem worth it to me and I know I wouldn't have gotten the smooth bottom either. I can bet you that because they can't see it from there house, what do they care if it's all lumpy?!

    It is alotta work, I won't lie. I cussed, bloodied and blistered my hands doing it and it is up to my standards! 8) No DOUBT! Go buy yourself some beer and once it's done, let your buddies swim, they'll see it as payment enough, my friend did and she still enjoys my pool.

    You can do it yourself, if not better than any professional out there!

    Good luck! 8)

    P.S. A little tip on wall instalation...

    Use 2 4x4 pieces of ply wood. One for the wall to sit on while you put it in the track and one to stand on so you're not walking on the sand and another tip is to wet the sand!!! before you start. It keeps your body weight from sinking into it.
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    We paid for professional installation. It was money spent well. They got the pool very level and had to come back and fix a leak in the plumbing. There is no way that I would have ever got the pool that level and it would have taken me a lot longer to complete the installation. Also they will be the ones who have to deal with premature liner leak, plumbing leak, or construction issues. Good luck. Later, Calvin.
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    Read a lot about using foam padding under the liner on other forums. People successfully reported using pink or blue sheets of foam insulation 1.5" to 2" from Home Depot/Lowes at much lower cost than the pool-specific stuff. Dunno if you can fabricate the sloped coving though, or if you'd be better off purchasing that.

    Been trying to google to find those threads again but so many pool forums seem to suffer from database corruption & abrupt site closings that I still can't find the posts I read about foam padding ~ 6 months ago. Knock on wood that it won't happen to this forum ever... Long live TFP!

    Still, whenever I have to replace my liner (hopefully not terribly soon...) I definitely am going to do that since the "landscape" of my pool bottom seems to get more rugged every year. No broken toes so far but I've tripped & stubbed them enough times to long for padding
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    Thank you so much for the replies. Here's the plan:

    1. DIY. I am in no hurry, I want to do it, and I know I will take the time to do it right.
    2. Gorilla pad. It seems most like some sort of padding. After researching it, most people who have installed the Gorilla pad are happy with it. It seems to protect against grass more than some of the PE-based pads.
    3. Wall foam. I'm going with a roll of PE foam from a pool store. The prices at Lowes and HD were not any better.

    Thanks for your help! 8)

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