6" thickness vs 8" thickness. Worth the $1,700 to upgrade?

Nov 1, 2007
Me again! :)

Of the two PB's I have narrowed it down to, PB 1 uses 8" thickness as standard for IG gunite, and PB 2 uses 6".

PB 1 - the one who uses 8" - is much more expensive than PB 2.

I asked PB 2 if I can upgrade to 8" and if it is a good idea. He said that he could do it for $1,700, but that his company didn't usually do more than 6" for a pool of my depth (4' to 6') and that he felt the money could be better spent on decking or landscaping, and that 8" was "overkill."

Your thoughts? (We are in N.C.)



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Sep 27, 2007
Our bond beam is 12" and the shell 8". I am not sure if there is a "standard" thickness.

We need the moderators to chime in...

Post a different thread about the final specifics of your pool build. Post some pics of the pre-build location. I am looking forward to following your build.