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Thread: Where do I start? (Fiberglass Pool)

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    Where do I start? (Fiberglass Pool)

    Hello all. I am very frustrated and think this just might be the group to help me out. If not, medication is going to be required!! I started reading through the various posts and just got myself more frustrated because I couldn't tell what applied to me and what did not!!

    Last year we purchased a fiberglass pool. It is somewhere close to 14 x 32 and is curved in in the middle (I think it is called Montego Bay??). Anyway, I mistakenly thought when we purchased it that the individuals installing the pool would also provide some basic education on how to take care of it. Well that was obviously a mistake on my part.

    Here is the situation. We have a salt generator on it that creates chlorine. We don't test the water with strips at all. We tried it once and the Chlorine didn't register at all. When we asked the pool people about it they said it was because of our 'generator'. However, from reading this forum, I am not sure that is accurate. It sounds as though even with a salt generator, we should be testing/monitoring our pool for several things (like pH, etc...).

    Also, this year I am having a terrible time with staining. I have dark yellow spots at the water line that will not come off regardless of how much or how hard I scrub. I put a vitamin C tablet against them and it seemed to help a little but they did not 'magically disappear'. Is it still probably metal? They appeared to appear after we added water to the pool. Prior to that, I had a water line that regular scrubbing pretty much removed.

    Other than a problem where our water got cloudy a little last year (which we resolved with running the filter more) we didn't have any issues.

    I have a feeling we are way behind the eight ball in our knowledge and need to catch up. I tried reading the books that came with the salt gen and other apparatus and just felt even dummer!! I think I need the 'Dummy's Guide to Fiberglass Pools'.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to TFP!

    First, order a top quality test kit. There is no better investment you can make in your pool. I recommend the TF Test Kit, see the link in my signature. The Taylor K-2006 is also good.

    Second, while you are waiting for the test kit to arrive, read some of the material in the Stickies section of this site, see the link in my signature or the sub-heading of every page.

    Third, when the test kit arrives test the water and post your results.
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    Bonnie you have come to the right place these guys here know everything and im sure they will be more than happy to help you out. i had tons of problems with my pool and i came here and now they are resolved.
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    Hi Bonnie and welcome to the forum.

    When you have some time , add all your pool and equipment info in your signature. This will help members help you when you post questions.

    I also agree that the best investment we made in our pool was a quality test kit and recommend the TF Test kit sold by duraleigh, one of our members. He is also here for customer service

    Here is a link to “Water Balance Tips for a SWG” by Waterbear:
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    Hi, Bonnie, and welcome to TFP!

    Did you use well water to top of your pool, by chance?

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    Thanks a million for the information so far. I will order the test kit. I really wasn't thinking that the 'don't test the water' philosophy made sense.

    Also, I will add our information to my signature --- as soon as I figure out what we have. I know we have a Hayward DE filter, a Jandy LX Heater and a Jandy PDA, but that is all I know for sure.

    I did not use well water......just good old city tap water.

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    Hi Bonnie
    You have come to a greattttttttttttttttttttt site.I could have not done anything with my pool if i wasn't for these guys.
    I have a 14x32 rectangle FG POOL NOT SALT FILTER & i just got it ate the end of last summer cover it this winter & puled
    the cover off a couple of wks. a go & it was black.These guys help me get it up to where i can see the bottom
    It is a little cloudy but i also have the brown/ yellow around mine but the VItiam C did remove where i used it.So o got the acaid
    so i am trying to get CHOLPRINE DOWN SO I CAN POUR IT IN.gOOD LUKE.
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