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Thread: New Pool - Ready to add salt and start up - I think

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    New Pool - Ready to add salt and start up - I think

    I had a IG Plaster Pool built this spring. Plaster was done on 5/15 and the pumps were started on 5/17 (shock and chlorine added then). Chlorine has been added a couple times to bring me back up to the right levels.

    The PB called yesterday and said they were going to add salt today and turn on the SWCG. I told them no, just drop off the salt and I'll handle the rest. When I tested yesterday, my FC is down to 0 (big pool party Monday), so I'm going to add Bleach today to bring it back up (per the Pool Calculator). The PB said to just run the SWCG to bring it up, but that doesn't sound right. I'm pretty sure it's just for maintaining the chlorine, not bring it up to level.

    Here are my numbers from yesterday evening.

    FC: 0
    TC: 0
    PH: 7.8
    TA: 120
    CYA: 60
    Salt: 0

    The pool is around 20,000 gallons. The equipment is Goldline (P4 and TurboCell)

    According to the calculator, I need to add 166oz of 6% bleach to bring me up to 4 for FC. Should I do anything else? I was going to add the salt tonight (calculator says 536lb to get me to 3200) and then start the generator tomorrow. What percent is a good starting point? I was thinking of trying 20% and then adjust from there. Is there anything else I should do before adding the salt? Thanks for any help.


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    I'll let others comment on the rest, but you should always get your FC to the proper level with bleach, and THEN use your SWG to maintain it.
    Also, if (and that is a big IF!) you ever need to shock, use bleach for that too...

    The SWG can bring your FC up to level, but it is faster and cheaper with bleach... cheaper because it saves the life of your cell!

    8200 gallon 20' x 48" round vinyl frame pool,
    Intex SWCG, 12" sand filter, 1600gph pump, TF100 test kit
    Handy Links: PoolMath, TF-100 Test Kit, Pool School, Chlorine/CYA Chart
    "Shock" is a process, not a product!

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