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Thread: How to use a SWCG with a solar powered DC pool pump

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    How to use a SWCG with a solar powered DC pool pump

    I am installing a DC pool pump (Lorentz BADU TOP 12 such as seen for example at ... ller/p5827 ) on an 11,000 gallon in-ground pool in Florida.

    This will be powered from a 525 watt solar array (three 175 watt panels) that feeds into a controller which in turn operates the pump. I am trying to figure out what my options are if I wanted to install a SWCG system with this. The issue is that the pump is not operated by a timer but rather whenever the sun shines. Furthermore, the speed/flow rate of the pump will vary with the intensity of the sun. If it's raining or very cloudy then the pump will completely stop, even in the middle of the day.

    I have never used or installed a SWCG but it is my suspicion that they are activated by the same timer that turns on the pump. Considering that my system will not use a timer, I am not sure how to go about this. I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could offer any advice as to whether a SWCG could be installed in this scenario and, if so, how to go about it.

    My suspicion is that this is probably a better application for a device like the Floatron but apparently there are some reasons why the copper ions are not desirable in a pool. Of course, it would also work to just add chemicals as is traditionally done.

    Also, what is the approximate current drawn by these SWCG systems?

    Thanks so much. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    David Jensen 12,000 gallon concrete pool in central Florida.

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    Yes, you can only run the SWCG when the pump is on so they are controlled together although not always by the same relay. Most controllers will have separate controls for the SWCG. Also, they have a flow switch so when water stops flowing so does the SWCG.

    My unit draws over 200 watts when engage and much less in off cycle. So to run it off the same panels is probably not possible. These run off AC so you would probably need to use an inverter which means you would need more than 200 watts.
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