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Thread: Chlorine and solar cover ...

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    Chlorine and solar cover ...


    I have a question about how a solar cover impacts your FC level. We have a 20x40 IG liner pool with a SWG. It's approx. 33,000 gallons. I just went through clearing some iron stains with vit. C and added some Metal Free - we top off the pool with well water. Before doing all of that, I had good numbers for everything. I put some Polyquart 60 in and let the chlorine drop down before using the asorabic acid (sp?) then added Metal Free to keep it from staining again. This was this past weekend. So now I'm bringing up my chlorine and we have added the solar cover to try to warm the pool up - it's been a cool spring for us up here in the Northeast. My solar cover is clear. My question is, will the solar cover help the chlorine stay at a certain level or will the chlorine decrease faster because of the sun working on heating up the pool? Will the type of solar cover have an effect - clear vs. the blue that's pretty common? Could the Vit. C treament still be pulling my chlorine numbers down after 5 days?

    My numbers:
    FC: 6.5 - was 7.5 last night
    TC: 7.0
    CC: .5 - this is new since the Vit. C / metal free treatment. Was 0 before that.
    PH: 7.2 - I'm trying to keep this right around here so my iron doesn't stain the stairs again
    Alk: 90
    CYA: 35 to 40 - right around there - it's so hard to tell

    I was going to bring my chlorine down a bit, but with the .5 CC I'm afraid I'm about to battle something. Not sure if I should bring it up to shock - and chance causing the iron to fall out again - or let it come down to about 4 and see how it goes. It came down 1.0 over night and this morning - sun was on the pool this AM but the pump and SWG didn't come on until 9:30 this AM and I tested at about noon - but I'm not sure if that's common with the solar cover and the Vit. C treatment and Metal free just 5 days ago. I brushed yesterday and had a few clouds, but we have had A LOT of pollen falling recently and everything is covered in yellow right now - Could this be the cause of the .5 CC? I don't see anything on the walls, a little in the creases of the liner that brushes very easily, and the water is crystal clear.

    Any thoughts? Thanks for all your help!!
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    The solar cover will reduce chlorine loss to sunlight. It is good to let the pool breathe every few days for an hour or more.

    Some of the sequestrants will cause non-zero CC levels for a couple of days. Having the solar cover on will aggravate this because the sunlight can't help break down the CC. This isn't a big deal as long as CC stays around 0.5. Pollen can also cause CC in some cases.
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    Thanks! That was the answer I was hoping for!

    It is supposed to warm up this weekend and I'm hoping we can swim by Monday! I will keep an eye on the CC level and hope for the best. I will be sure to take the cover off and let it breathe. Thanks for the tip!
    24k gallon IG, Stonescape Tahoe Blue, Hayward Super II pump with 2 speed motor, giant sand filter (zeobrite), PS-8 w/ Aqua-pod2 remote. SWG. Austin, TX.

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