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Thread: Need to make decision: Aqua Plus?

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    Need to make decision: Aqua Plus?

    I have an installation of a variable speed pump scheduled for Friday of next week, and the wife just called and said when she went to the pool store to sign the pwr company rebate form, they told her they had a salt water chlorine generator on special for $1400 installed (including salt and startup) and wanted to know if I was interested. Originally I was going to install an SWG next year, as I figured with automation, valve acutators, and the SWG I was looking at $4000 minimum, and I already spent $36k cash in the last month on a new car and new A/C for the house, so it wasn't in the budget for this year (plus we're redoing our landscaping in the front and side of the house this year).

    The one guy at the store who is knowledgeable about SWGs and automation is out today, so I'm trying to figure out which model it is. I believe it's the Goldline Controls Aqua Plus for 20k and smaller pools (15k gunite, attached spa, Mytilus 150 cartridge filter, no water features, no solar, dedicated vacuum line). From what I can tell, the included automation system looks very basic, and cannot select speeds on the variable speed pump I'm installing. But the installed price is very attractive, and the wife likes the idea of consistent chlorine levels and as little maintenance as possible (I am frequently traveling on business, she is clueless about pool maintenance, and every pool service has been a nightmare) so she says she wants it now and doesn't care about the automation.

    It seems that the biggest shortcoming of the automation system included with the Aqua Plus is that it can't control my variable speed pump, so I can't have a one-button mode for spa, nor can I program it to crank up the pump and operate the pool vacuum for a couple hours per day. It can control three valves which is all I have. What else have I not considered?

    P.S. I bought a Liquidator that I may end up not installing if I buy the SWG. I may be willing to let it go for a bargain price.
    15k IG gunite w/attached spa, Pentair VS-3050 pump, PacFab Mytilus 150 cartridge filter, The PoolCleaner 2X suction cleaner, Liquidator still in box in garage

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    The Aqua Plus can control a two speed motor. The setup is to use two of the four available relays. One closes to run the pump at high speed and the other closes to run the pump at low speed. What kind of variable speed pump do you have?
    The Aqua Plus will also control a pool light.
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    I don't have it yet but it's a Pentair Intelliflo VS-3050. It looks like I would need an Intellicomm to control the speeds on the pump? Since the pump speeds are selected by commands over the serial port, the Intellicom connects to the relay outputs from the automation system, and translates the on/off into commands to the pump to select one of the four programmed speeds? Is that how it works?

    Hmmm, $400. That's not too bad.

    Is the Aqua Plus a good unit?
    15k IG gunite w/attached spa, Pentair VS-3050 pump, PacFab Mytilus 150 cartridge filter, The PoolCleaner 2X suction cleaner, Liquidator still in box in garage

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