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Thread: Liquidator installation today!

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    Liquidator installation today!

    Ok, I have installed my Liquidator today.
    I added 4- 3/4 gallons of bleach to the 8 gallon model.

    I have the flow on 1.

    My FC is 12 right after starting it up
    CYA is about 60.

    I will try to keep my FC 10-12.

    Anyone with a liquidator give me some insight

    My pool is 22000 IG vinyl liner

    Special thanks to duraleigh for shipping out the liquidator so fast!

    22,000 IG vinyl liner
    sand filter
    LQ 8 gallon

    Jacuzzi Hot Tub
    420 gallons

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    Hey, Mike,

    Nice work on getting it hooked up.

    I would suggest you try to run your FC around 5-8ppm or so....not 10-12

    It looks like you put an initial dose of chlorine before you started the liquidator...that was smart. I didn't start mine that way and it would've been better if I did.

    Anyway, I've only been running a few days more than you so we'll learn together.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
    TFTestkits , PoolMath , Pool School

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    I did, I was the one fighting the green pool!

    Clear as clear can be!

    Sounds good,
    One note, I disconnected my old Hayward CL-220 off line chlorinator and used the same return hole as the Hayward, they were exactly the same size!, just had to drill one hole before the pump and basket.

    This thing works a little different than the old chlorinator,

    I have mt set on 1. what is your on? How do you refill the liquidator? Do you have to scoop some water out before you add more bleach, or stop the pump etc and let some water flow out.

    22,000 IG vinyl liner
    sand filter
    LQ 8 gallon

    Jacuzzi Hot Tub
    420 gallons

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    How long are you running your pump on a daily basis? I can almost guarantee that 1 is too low. My pool is 6000gal, I run the pump 6-8 hours and mine is set at 2. What is your CYA level? That will determine what CL level you need to be at. I would shoot for around 30 CYA and 5-7 CL. You want your CL to be on the high end of the acceptable range when the Liquidator is full and tapering down as it empties. That way you don't have do any adjustments to the flow valve. Did you remove the check valves? If not, I would yank them. You don't need them as long as the Liquidator return/supply holes are above water level and the flow is much better without them.


    A. If the pump is not running (& the check valves are removed), your Liquidator will drain down to the level of the return/supply holes. You can then fill it back up to the holes that attached the funnel. You can quickly fill it this way.

    B. If the pump is running you can only add a little at time up to the holes that attached the funnel.
    6000 gal inground fiberglass
    1.5hp pump / sand filter

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    I will check today.
    My CYA is 60. Trying to keep the FC at 7-10.
    My pool is 22000 gallons and I run my pump 24/7 as I live on a gravel road and have treees nearby.
    22,000 IG vinyl liner
    sand filter
    LQ 8 gallon

    Jacuzzi Hot Tub
    420 gallons

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