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Thread: water test today

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    water test today

    after reading on here about testing the water, im gonna get the TF 100.........however

    using my little silly kit i have, the readings are as follows

    DPD No 1 tab....2.0 - 3.0

    Red PH tab...7.6 - 7.8

    daft question, what am i testing for , i take it its Cl and Ph , and how do these results stand

    15 x 36 Intex AGP
    External skimmer
    Mega sand filter
    1/3 HP pump

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    Yes, you're testing for Chlorine and pH.

    How do your results stand?

    IMHO, the pH looks okay. If it is closer to 7.8, I would give it a little drink of muriatic acid. (use Jason's pool calculator)

    As for the chlorine, you do at least have some in the pool, but is it the right amount? Without a full set of #'s, you just can't know.

    The correct amount of chlorine is the amount necessary for sanitation based on the CYA level in your pool. If your CYA level changes, so will the Cl doses for your pool. (use Jason's pool calculator)

    Until you get your new kit, you can take a water sample to the pool store and have them test it for you. Then you will have a base line to target the correct chlorine level. (ahem, resist the pressure to buy)

    Post your test results here and the folks will help you.

    There are great articles in the "Stickies" section located in the sub-headings at the top of the page.

    btw, feel free to ask all the questions you want!

    Good luck!
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