5 days of SLAM and not alot of progress


Jul 30, 2018
Indianapolis, IN
I’m starting to wonder if my problem is actually algae, my impatience, or something else. I had a slow start to aggressively start SLAM bc I’m super-pregnant and need neighbors to help while my husband is at work. I’m complexed by the daily large drops in FC but a constant 0.5 CC.

Here are my relevant test results (Tf-100 test kit):

July 27-murky green water, floating white things size of a nickle
0 FC, 0 CC, 0 CYA (Upon reflection, I probably made a testing error on the 0 CC)

July 28-started SLAM using TFP’s pool calculator; added shock, cleaned cartridge filters and SWG cell (turned off SWG for SLAM)
test: FC 5, 3.5 CC, 0 CYA
We keep the auto cover mostly closed bc we don’t have a fence & to reduce evaporation with no CYA

July 29-
test 1 am: 7.5 FC, 1 CC, 0 CYA (added shock and dry stabilizer)
test 2 pm: 6.5 FC, .5 CC (added shock)

July 30- all day thunderstorms & couldn’t open auto cover

July 31-
test 1 am: 1 FC, .5 CC, 10 CYA (added shock and dry stabilizer)
test 2 pm: 10.5 FC, .5 CC, 20 CYA (added extra shock to compensate for evaporation while waiting for CYA to increase)
test 3 pm: 14.5 FC, .5 CC, 30 CYA (added shock)

Aug 1-
test 1 am: 4.5 FC, .5 CC, 35 CYA (added shock)

Am I on the right track? My neighbor keeps saying its phosphates but I know what TFP thinks about that.

Pool: In-ground, fiberglass, 19,320 gallons
Pump: Pentair Super Flo
Filter/ Jandy CL340, 4 cartridges
Salt Generator: Hayward Swim Pure Plus
Heater: Jandy LJ 175K, gas
Automatic pool cover


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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
I know it’s hard right now because you don’t have much help, but testing once or twice daily just isn’t going to do it. I would do 4 times, minimum. In fact, i would try to do every 3 or 4 hours.


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Jun 8, 2014
Rogers, AR
when ever I have to do a SLAM I think of something someone said on here....don’t dance with it, kill it! The more frequently you can test the better.


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
Also make sure you use a slam level for 30 CYA across the board. I would check the CYA in 2 days to make sure you haven't overshot 30 CYA. If there's any doubt and between 30 and 40, call it 40. Make sure all the parameters in poolmath such as pool volume and % of chlorine are point on.


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Oct 25, 2015

As Kelly alluded the key word in SLAM is "M"aintain. It will work with even one adjustment in many cases but the more the better up to about every four hours. If you hit it hard you will always finish sooner.

I hope this ends soon so you can focus on more important things in your life!