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Thread: I think I need sand..

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    I think I need sand..

    I had a recent issue with the Spider gasket, that's fixed now. I know it was blowing sand into the pool, and when I drained the pool there was quite a bit scooped out. SO, I think I need sand, and that is why my filter is not "filtering" as well as it should. The book says 225 lbs of sand, but I have no idea how many lbs are in is there a level of sand I am trying to achieve? Like halfway, or 3/4 of the way up the filter? It is a top mount btw. Hayward s220. I figure while I am digging around in there I might as well check the laterals and change them also if needed.
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    Usually, it's about 2/3 sand, 1/3 free space. The filter people call it "freeboard".

    You can probably find the directions for your particular filter online or, sometimes, there is a mark on the inside of the filter.
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    Thanks, I definetely need sand then, it is only about 1/3 full. If there is a mark I can't see it, but I will look again. I really want to get all the "kinks" out of the filter before my new pool is finished,...although that may be a while at this rate.
    Hurricane Rita did not kill me, but she killed my pool!

    Intex 36'X18'x52" "elliptical pool"/ Hayward 220 filter/1HP pump 14,364 gal, or so

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    I was told that where the filter starts to curve towards the middle is where the sand should end. Also, strongly suggest you layer river rock up and over the laterals. I have just done this to my filter and the change is really clear to me.

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    I am planning on changing my filter sand this year. It has been 4 years since it was new. I have not heard of the river rock but it makes good sense. I believe I have seen instructions on performing this task on this forum. Could you provide me with the links if you have found them.
    Thanks in advance
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    hayward -S200 recommends -

    I don't know about your filter but here are the recomendations for the Hayward S-200

    "Carefully pour in correct amount and grade of filter
    sand, as specified. Sand surface should be leveled
    and should come to about the center of the flange of
    the filter tank. Use no more than the recommended
    amount of sand."

    Quoted from the PDF Version of the S-200 Instalation/Operators Manual
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