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Thread: McGee Family, Corona, CA

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    McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Hello everyone! I joined TFP to learn as much as I possibly can BEFORE we buy our above-ground pool. We are planning on an above-ground because we simply cannot afford an in-ground pool at this time. My husband and two boys and I have a large, one acre backyard, but rarely ever go outside. We are all very eager to have our own backyard pool. Our boys, 11 and 13, are the perfect age to enjoy the benefits of a pool now: fun and exercise! For price's sake, we are considering starting out pretty inexpensively: an Intex (or comparable) 24' Ultra Frame. PLEASE feel free to lend any suggestions you may have! We have a concrete slab that was once used for a basketball court that we are considering using (as long as it's level). Otherwise, we will be learning as we go! Thank you all in advance for any hints, tips, suggestions!


    The McGees

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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Order a test kit so it arrives before the pool is full of water. And you may as well order a speedstir, too, because in our neck o'the woods, the Calcium Hardness test takes a long, long, long, time to do, even with a speedstir!

    I have no personal experience with above-ground pools. I will suggest that you pay close attention to the electrical code and get an outlet for your filter the right distance from the pool, with a GFCI circuit in it. No extension cords!
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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Thank you!

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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    X2 on getting a GOOD test kit BEFORE you fill the pool. You won't want the water to get away from you while waiting for the kit to arrive.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Hello and welcome to TFP!

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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Welcome to TFP!

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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Thank you! We are (at least I really am) excited to get our pool! Anybody have suggestions for an AG salt water system?? I hear they are pretty simple to maintain and are better for the skin. We haven't committed to a specific brand of pool yet. Was thinking Intex, but if there are better quality for a comparable price, I'd like to know.

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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Welcome to tfp, sadiemcgee

    I have the intex swg and am on my third year with no problems...the price is right.
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    Re: McGee Family, Corona, CA

    Awesome. Thank you!

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