I recently purchased the new Taylor 9056 Series Comparator you can view it here at this url:


The reason it was purchased was that my old one is now 16 + years old and I thought, even though stored in a dark area, that the color filters might be somewhat faded. They were somewhat faded but not by much. The other reason I purchased is that it is now much easier to read the CyA measurement.

I also own a Pentair Cyanuric Test Kit which for those of you that use it for high CyA levels know the mark before 100 is 50 leaving one to guess the exact level of CyA. The new Taylor 9056 has markings in increments of 10 from 30 to 100, so potentially more accurate.

Following the video on Taylors website it appeared that once the test mixture is added to the 7 ml of pool water to bring it up to 14 ml, one gives the bottle a good shake for 30 seconds.

This resulted in a reading of way over 100, whereas the Pentair gave a reading of around 70 to 80 using a guess.

I then read the instructions on their website as concerns CyA and it states to gently mix, not giving it a good shake as in the video, resulted in a reading of 80 which agrees with my guess of 70 to 80 from the Pentair.

Gently mixing was acheived by gently rocking the 14 ml mix back and forth for 30 seconds, and then slowly squeezing drops into the 9056 Comparator.

So a good practise is to gently mix not shake your CyA cocktail, when using Taylors CyA reagent. This of course maybe obvious to some but not to me after viewing Taylors video.