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Thread: Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

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    Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    Hello -
    I am attempting to help my parents select a replacement vinyl liner for a 20X40 in-ground pool. We have come down to two from Kayden Mfg: Stone Canyon (which we have gotten to see in person) and Tan Flora. Do any of you have comments about either one, or better yet, pictures of them (especially Tan Flora, since we haven't seen it in person) installed in your pool? We like the tan bottom of both, we just aren't sure if the pattern repeat of the Stone Canyon border might bother us. The Tan Flora has an intentional repeat, but we don't know what it looks like in a pool.

    This is such a hard decision and none of us wants to make it Thanks for any advice you might have!

    Helpful links:
    Stone Canyon:
    Tan Flora:

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    Re: Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    If i could do over my liner ( new this year) I would get one with no border....
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    Re: Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    I really like those liners, but the top detail is so hard to tell from such a small sample. I do like the Stone Canyon but something makes me wonder how well the top pattern will translate to an actual pool.
    I will say one thing, have a top pattern with straight lines, similar to the Tan Flora, it helps me easily assess the water level. My line has a parallel line pattern running along the top and I can easily assess the water loss against it, it may sound trivial but I find it helpful.

    I'd really like to see some pics on whatever you decide, I think tan liners look great.
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    Re: Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    I like the Stone Canyon a lot... very modern.

    I do agree that straight lines in your border can help you determine how your water level is staying, but we often judge that more by where the water falls on the skimmer. Is it above or below a certain screw head?, etc.
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    Re: Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    Here's another vote for Stone Canyon.

    I'd have them send me samples of both. I'd call and make sure the samples include the border too.
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    Re: Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    I would definitely go with the Stone Canyon. You will be able to see all the lighter "swirls" in the Tan Flora grow "dingy" each year, until they are very dull looking; also, the water level will probably fall in the middle or the bottom of that pattern and the natural fading (from sun and chlorine) will be more obvious. I say this from experience; when we moved in we had a pattern like the lighter one shown below. Three summers ago we got the darker one, and it looks much better but the fading is still obvious on the lighter/tan "tiles." Next time we will definitely go with something like Stone Canyon.

    Edited to add: I forgot to mention that there are two other advantages to a design like Stone Canyon: if they have to cut the design so that it overlaps, it is a lot less noticeable; also, if it is not 100% straight (or gets slightly distorted when the water fills) it is not as obvious as a design with straighter lines/patterns.

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    Re: Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    I have the version of Stone Canyon that is done in blue bottom. We love it. Since the border is wider than normal it goes below the water line and disappears.

    This is what that type of liner looks like in blue.

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