Good Morning,

We have had our pool since Memorial Day and, to steal from McDonalds, loving it.

I have a question about values and automation. We have have six three-way values. Two of them are automated with Goldline (G-24?) actuators. The values that are automated are for the suction from pool or spa and returns from pool or spa. I would like to have the whole system automated and would like to get some advice if it would be worth automating two of the four remaining values. I have a Pro Logic PS-8 system, so I can only add two more values. Attached are the pictures of the values. Let me know if you have any questions.


NEW EDIT - Added the pictures.

Value One - Connects Booster pump to Sidewall Pool Suction and Skimmer 1 & 2 Suction (Also does anyone know why I would have the Sidewall Pool Suction on and not the Skimmers 1&2 or vice versa?)

Value Two - Connects Booster pump to Infloor Cleaner and Bubblers

Value Three - On/Off for Skimmer #1 suction from Main Pump
Value Four - On/Off for Leaf Can suction from Main Pump

I am thinking that I can automate value two to control the bubblers, but I don't know if any of the rest are worth it.

Thanks again