I searched the forum for this problem and couldn't find anything.

"PcB" on the display with all the lights lit up: No FLow, Check Salt, Low Salt, Inspect Cell...

I noticed the above error message and lights on the control panel display this past weekend. I removed the cell to inspect it and found it free of any scale buildup (I use Scale Free from Leslie's) and no obstructions. After plugging the cell back into the control panel after about 5 minutes I restarted the pump and held the button down to reset the panel. All lights were now off and everything was functioning properly. About an hour later all the lights were back on and again "PcB" was displayed on the screen. I turned the pump off and again unplugged the cell from the control panel for a few minutes. After plugging the cell back in and restarting the pump everything was functioning properly again. After another hour of operation it was still ok.

This happened 2 days in a row so I have a feeling everything isn't "ok" though. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!