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Thread: My Hayward AQUA BUG is Obviously Right Handed!!!

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    My Hayward AQUA BUG is Obviously Right Handed!!!

    I used my Hayward Aqua Bug last summer with very little issues at all. This year I have noticed that the bug is keeping the right side of the pool perfectly clean but the left side is getting very little/no coverage at all. When observing the bug I notice that most of the time that the speed is good and suction seems to me good as well but sometimes the bug will just stop/hesitate in the middle of the pool and then start up again. The other thing that I have noticed is that the bug is making a lot more right turns than left. I have found several videos on how to replace parts and so forth on E-How but haven't found any help on diagnosing exactly what is causing a problem.

    I have the Intex 2650 sand filter so the suction shouldn't be a problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: My Hayward AQUA BUG is Obviously Right Handed!!!

    I know my jerky will run around in circles if I store the hoses coiled up instead of straight.

    Have you taken it apart to see if the gears are worn?
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    Re: My Hayward AQUA BUG is Obviously Right Handed!!!

    Rosie had trouble with our rectangle shaped pool last year - it was super frustrating - she tended to ignore the left side of the pool and would stop after just a few minutes of work. I will note that she didn't prefer one turn to another - just didn't clean the left side well at all. I took her all apart and didn't note any issues with the turning.

    My theory was was she was being impacted by water flow since the on the long side of the pool input into the filter was on the right 1/3 of the pool and the discharge towards the left 1/3.

    I bought five more lengths of hose from eBay and that seemed to do the trick. At times she's gotten herself wound up in her hose but as long as I start her with her hose all straightened out and air free she'll trip about the whole pool for hours on end.

    I also bought a leaf cansiter. That has also helped me diagnose when I have air leaks. She is a finiky girl and does not do well with air in her lines.

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    Re: My Hayward AQUA BUG is Obviously Right Handed!!!

    I had a similar problem last year. It would just continue to go in right circles. I took the whole thing apart and found a couple hairs in the gearbox. After removing the hairs, I havent had a problem since. Some videos here on how to take them apart. ... uabug.html
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