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Thread: Filter not working

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    Filter not working

    I've been fighting my pool for a year now. All last season and this season.

    Can't get it to clear up for one, chemicals and levels are all correct accoding to pool store. They even recommended that I change about 100 pounds of my sand out. Well i just noticed something very intresting while vacumming up all the green alge and dirt off the bottom. it's blowing right back into the pool. I back washed before I started vacuming, and not even 5 minutes later, green scum coming out of the return. Can't put my finger on it. i took apart the head and the spider gasket is still good and seated where it supposed to be. I think my pump is going out too, seems like flow is a lot lower than it use to be. Any idea's why it would not be filtering like it should. Besided a week pump. I'm wondering if i just need to buy a whole new filter system. i know I need a new pump at least.

    24' abovoe ground using chlorine. Typical Hayward sand filter and Dayton (grainger) pool pump.

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    Re: Filter not working

    When was the filter last backwashed?
    Dave S.
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    Re: Filter not working

    Quote Originally Posted by duraleigh
    When was the filter last backwashed?
    As stated in my post above, I backwashed right before I started vacumning. Backwashed till water was clear, rinsed cycle for about 15 seconds, went back to filter settting, started vacumning, and less then 5 minutes, it's shooting all the debris in bottom of pool I'm sucking up, right back though the pools return.
    Ran filter all night last night, and there's pollen and dirt floating on top. It's not even pumping enough to keep the top of the water skimmed off. But that still doesn't explain why it was blowing all the debris I was sucking up right back into the pool. Thinking of biting the bullet and just buying a whole new system. This one is over 15 years old at least. I bought it used 8 years ago. It's worked great for 8 years. Went through 2 pumps now though, is that normal? A Hayward 1.5 hp and now a Dayton (Grainger) 1.5 hp.

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    Re: Filter not working

    If it's blowing sand into the pool it's most likely a lateral broken in the filter.

    Are you seeing air in the pump strainer basket?

    You could have a clogged impeller.
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