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Thread: deck plans

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    deck plans

    purchasing a 15x30 matrix by sharkline and will be building a deck around the entire pool...I have scoured the net for pool deck plans and have found very little..building a basic deck is
    no problem but Ive seen a few in were that the deck sits above the rail caps like this one...any sources for plans..

    just a quick rant..I visited 3 pool suppliers in upstate ny...I cant believe how ridiculous the salesmen are, its way worst than buying a used car. I had a quote of 5300 for the matrix installed when
    I got to the store I was led to the back of the business to have the salesmen whisper.."hey my boss says I have to charge yas 1100 for installation because your 60 miles aways but im going to trow in a ladda upgrade and take off 100 dallars off if yous buy the saltsafe system" and if ya pay deses guy cash on the install there wont be no tax but thats just between yous and I. Another place here in vestal quoted me a price on a pool then told me the foam coveing would be an extra 300 dollars.....the same coving I can get for 65 dollars at poolsupplyworld...I actually choked that guy..Not really but its only because I had taken a zanax earlier
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    deck plans

    Might wanna take another Zanax. Please

    Check out my thread "cloudy water won't unclouded" for a deck idea. I'm building mine now.
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    Re: deck plans

    Welcome to tfp, biagio

    You can use the google search at the very lower left corner of this page to search here for more deck ideas.

    Also, check out they have a few designs, they might not have exactly what you are looking for, but it might give you some ideas.
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    Re: deck plans

    How did I miss this last night! You made me laugh out loud with your sense of humor!

    Welcome to the forum, biagio
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    Re: deck plans

    Sad part is its all true I swear..and being of italian decent that Jersey shore accent KILLS me.. thank you for the welcome to the forum...ill try to amuse everyone from time to time..I'm sure there will be
    plenty of posts when it starts to go up...By the way..decided on no tax and free shipping from pool supply outside my community goes against everything I believe in but Im not gonna be taken for a fool..

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    deck plans

    not gonna be taken for a fool

    Nah. The jersey shore accents takes care of that

    I kid I kid, sir
    Ottawa, Canada
    15' x 30' x 54" Oval Above Ground Vinyl Pool
    Salt Water Generator, Hayward 150CC Cartridge Filter
    2 speed 1.5HP Matrix pump

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