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Thread: New used pool owner, chemistry questions

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    New used pool owner, chemistry questions

    7070 gal AG pool filled w well water; added bioguard smartshock(dichlor) 1lb last 4 days. Using Taylor K-1000 & K-2006 test kits.

    The lowest reading for CYA in K-2006 test kit is 30ppm. I have not reached the minimum 30ppm level. I am not sure how to check CYA lower than the 30ppm, & also do not know if/or how much CYA to add?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Re: New used pool owner, chemistry questions


    Welcome to TFP

    Since your CYA is less than 30, you can continue using the dichlor to maintain your FC level. See the Pool Calculator and Chlorine/CYA Chart links in my signature for more info. However, I would test your CYA frequently (1-2 x per week) while using the dichlor - it will add up quickly. Once the CYA level reaches 30, I would stop using dichlor and convert to liquid bleach and then see what your FC chlorine loss is during the day. If your FC loss is excessive, then you can add more CYA. If this is the case, I might also suggest running an OCLT just to rule out the presence of organic matter that could also be consuming the FC (Chlorine is consumed by two things: sunlight and breaking down organic contamination in your pool). I tend to run at conservative (low) CYA levels since it is easier to add more CYA than it is to get rid of it if gets too high.

    One other test result that is missing is CH. Plaster pools require between 250 - 350 ppm; Amounts should be lower for vinyl and fiberglass. Since yours is AG, odds are you have a vinyl liner.

    TA seems rather high. It could be right but is worth double-checking.

    When you get a chance, please add more info about your pool including the surface.
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