OK I have a 16x32 AG pool. ( old Doughboy) 1.5HP pump off skimmer with Large cartridge filter and solar panels.
My problem is the bottom of the pool collects dust, bugs, and other small debris. For Years I have had an old pump that I had hooked up seperately to my floor cleaner and it worked pretty well. I really like having the 2 filter system, otherwise I spend all my 'pool time' cleaning and not swimming.

The old pump died so I bought an Intex 1000GPH filter and we all know they are cr~p!
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else might work? Intex seems to be pretty much a headache between all the different fittings, short lifespan, and other substandard quality issues I read here.
Anything else out there in the 1/4 to 1/2 HP range???