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Thread: First time pool owner.

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    First time pool owner.

    Well to start off here is what I got:

    14 x 48 intex above ground pool with cartridge filter (came with pool)

    i've already tested the pool and here are the results:

    CH - 0

    FC - 0

    PH - 7.8

    TA ppm - 120

    CYA ppm - 0

    For chemicals we have chlorinating granules, shock and conditioner, shock and swim, and algae guard.

    I've been doing some lurking around on here and i've read something bout not needing everything listed above. Could someone possibly point me in the right direction to how much of what needs to be added based on the results given?

    Thanks for any suggestions/comments

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    Re: First time pool owner.

    Ok, a couple of questions:

    How did you do your test, is this a fresh fill, can you give us some history, and tell us what the water looks like?

    When it comes to your chemicals we need to know what is in them, not just what they are called, granulated chlorine is probably trichlor, but could be dichlor, or cal-hypo each have different secondary effects. Same goes for the "shock" products (check to see if any have copper based algaecide in them, you want to avoid anything with copper). If nothing else tell us the brand names of the chemicals we may be able to look up the ingredients online.
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    Re: First time pool owner.

    I just installed this same pool. I'm assuming you have HTH products from Walmart. As do I. Here is what I do. Your pool holds 3,861 gallons filled up (90%). Your ph and alkalinity seems ideal which is good. So theres no need to add ph plus/minus. Take a sock and fill 15-16oz of stabilizer and tie it to your ladder. This is going to protect your chlorine from UV loss and ect. Just give the sock a squeeze every now and then when your swimming. Think of it as sunscreen for chlorine. This amount will eventually get you up to 30-35ppm when said and done. With that being said your shock n swin and chlorine granules are exactly the same(just look at the ingredients, the same!) so with a CYA target level to 30ppm you need a FC level of 4ppm (use shock n swim or chlorine granules). Never go over 4ppm when you are swimming. So to get your 4ppm FC level add 4oz of chlorine granules. Remember that when chlorine does it's job it is consumed. By the sun, # of people swimming, ect. Anyways, this should get you going. Add chlorine granules or shock n swim at night as well. And you would be ok to add over 4ppm as it will get consumed the next day. So shoot for a high FC level (use the pool calculator). Take back the algae control. You won't need it if you keep a good chlorine level! Keep the shock n swim, chlorine granules, and stabalizer. Remember, the only thing you should have to add is FC and like I said earlier to give the sock a squeeze every now and then to help raise your CYA level. And thats it! Get your self a decent test kit (not test strips). I have the HTH 6 way test kit from Walmart and it does it for me. Others may is dis agree but I don't care. Test your ph and FC once a day and test your CYA level twice a season. I would wait a week or two to test your CYA if it were me. But do what you want. Welcome to and good luck with your 14' intex pool.
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    Re: First time pool owner.

    Oh and to the person asking about the chemicals. The chlorine granules are 47.5% cal-hypo (which they won't have to worry to much cause this is a vynil pool. I don't keep track anyway.
    -J E F F-
    Intex 14' round 48" deep above ground pool
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    Re: First time pool owner.

    Take everything back to walmart except for the stabilizer. Buy bleach, say 4 gallons. Then go to Lowes or Ace Hardware, or maybe even walmart and buy muriatic acid. Don't buy the green kind, or plan to use twice as much, it'll work.

    Take all that money you got back from walmart and buy a TF100 test kit. See my signature for the link.

    Go home, add the stabilizer. Use pool calculator to determine how much to add. Use the sock method, hung in front of a return or off the ladder and squeeze it regularly. When it's gone from the sock, assume you have xxPPM of CYA and forget about testing it. You'll be chlorinating with that level assumed for the next week or so. Don't trust those strips you've got with CYA. They lie. Look away...

    Seriously, you do not need that other stuff. You should lower pH a little, to 7.2-7.4, and use bleach to chlorinate. You do not need the powders, at all. This will be so much easier if you just don't bother with them and dose the pool daily with bleach.

    Pool calculator is your friend. You might also measure your water depth, and use the calculation tool at the bottom of the calculator to estimate volume. Intex volumes aren't entirely accurate, and even an inch of difference can make or break a ppm. For example, +/- 1" in my pool means a difference between 1 cup and 1 cup 2oz for a one ppm rise in chlorine. So, should I want to dose to 7ppm, if I use 1 cup per ppm when I really need 1 cup 2oz... I could be 1ppm short if I need to raise it by 4ppm (to 7ppm).
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    Re: First time pool owner.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffacdc85
    The chlorine granules are 47.5% cal-hypo (which they won't have to worry to much cause this is a vinyl pool.)
    This is not quite true. Vinyl pools don't have to worry about the CH being low but high CH will cause scaling even on vinyl. So it's good to know what your CH is.
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    Re: First time pool owner.

    Thank you everyone for the helpful tips and advice

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