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Thread: Added chlorine and CYA and pool turned yellow!!

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    Added chlorine and CYA and pool turned yellow!!

    My FC had dropped to less than 2 ppm, and I have a CYA of 0. I have been going through chlorine rapidly with sunny days. Tonight I added about a pound of CYA to one of my skimmer socks and also added 3 gallons of 12.5 liquid chlorine. I have been adding 3 gallons every other day to bring my FC up to 12 or so then comes back down by day the second day. Anyways, I added the CYA to sock, brushed the sides and skimmed the top and went inside. 30 minutes later I looked out to see the water turning yellow. I thought it must be the setting sun or something, as the water was sparkly clean when I left it. Another 30 minutes and it is worse. I removed the CYA sock. I have seen water turn yellow before on a friends pool when really high FC levels and metals in the water. I do have some metal problems (local pool clowns say maganese) with staining of pvc pipes etc, but have never seen any problem with the water color after adding chlorine, and I have had it over 20 ppm many times before, including once this year when I opened it. Do you think the CYA triggered something? All suggestions welcomed.

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    Re: Added chlorine and CYA and pool turned yellow!!

    Adding CYA should lower the odds of that happening. Probably it was just a coincidence that it happened today and not several days ago.

    Yellow usually means iron in the water. Sequestrant will make the color go away. It will probably also go away if you bring the CYA level up to normal levels and make sure the PH is in the normal range.
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