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Thread: CYA question

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    CYA question

    Hi again folks. Everything is doing fantastic thanks to all you folks.

    Quick recap is, finally filled up with water on Tuesday morning. Added salt, started SWG on Wednesday, running pump from 7a to 7p, Intex SWG running from noon for 4 hours (no % setting.) Thus far, every time I test Chlorine levels no matter of morning, night, when SWG is running, I am consistently getting 5ppm and less than 0.5ppm of CC (barely a tinge of pink.) Been at 7.4-7.5 on pH and I still need to raise TA up a little bit (ran out of baking soda.)

    My question is CYA. I originally had 8500 gallons in the pool and added 4 lb. CYA to a filter sock and hung it near the return jet. Couldn't get it directly into the return jet as 1, the return jet isn't under water and sprays from about 6 inches above the water level, and 2, it is an Intex pool and didn't have anything to tie it too other than where a pole t's off the upper frame, which is about a foot to the side of a return jet.

    Thursday I squeezed the final amount of CYA in the sock and got it "dissolved" in the water. Hence my question, I am not entirely sure it was completely dissolved or it was squeezed out of the filter sock I have hanging and is still small particles suspended in the water. I tested CYA yesterday and came up with 40 ppm. Pool calculator told me I should have had 56ppm by putting in 4 lb. (wanted to add 1 container then add more later as I would have been adding more water too.) So, if the last bit finally dissolved on Thursday, would an accurate reading be capable now or should I wait to take a reading? I did add more water, so I definitely know I need more CYA (haven't measured, but I thing I am at 10,000 gallons now, right where I want to be to allow the skimmer to work and still allow my 8 year old to touch bottom.) I want to make sure a reading is accurate before adding more to get up to the recommended 70ish ppm.

    Then again, it was 90 out while I installed the pool and now that it is full of water and the SWG and filter is working fantastic, the 10 day extended forecast is highs of very low 70's. I haven't even gotten in the pool yet and I think I should start the winterizing process, LOL.

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    Re: CYA question

    The CYA test is +/- 10ppm for accuracy so I would say you could call it 45 and add enough to get you to 70, and base it on a 10,000 gallon pool to determine how much to add.
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