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Thread: Cloudy water with metals reading .1

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    Cloudy water with metals reading .1

    I'm having a reoccurring problem with my water. I do not use well water and do not have a heater. My pool keeps giving me readings of copper at 1. When I shock the water it turns green. I use metal free to turn blue but can't get foggy water clear. I've put 2 liters of metal free into my 20,000 gallon pool two days ago but got a reading of copper at 1. Again today. I'm afraid to shock because the pool will turn green again, but I know I can't get foggy water to clear without it. The water was relatively clear when I opened it a week ago and has since gone down hill. I've had pool for 15 years. Metal free claims to take out .5 of metals in a pool my size so I put in two liters. Where do I go from here?
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    Re: Cloudy water with metals reading .1

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    Metal Free is not one of the better sequestrants. ProTeam's Metal Magic and Jack's Magic the Pink Stuff (regular), the Blue Stuff (fresh plaster), and the Purple Stuff (SWG) are some of the top sequestrants. You can also find many other brands with similar products, some of which are noticeably less expensive. Sequestrants based on HEDP, phosphonic acid, or phosphonic acid derivatives are the most effective.

    Metals don't leave your pool unless you replace water. Sequestrants simply bind to the metals and prevent them from forming stains or turning the water colors. Sequestrants also break down over time, so you need to regularly replenish them. With an appropriate level of sequestrant you can shock and the color won't come back (as long as you maintain that level of sequestrant).
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    Re: Cloudy water with metals reading .1

    If I wasn't already several liters into the Metal Free, that would be great advice. I did also call Natural Chemistry who told me I got the double reading of 1. copper because the metals are still there but inactive. They said I may want to use Acscorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to take out the little staining plus clear the water a little more. I've used Vitamn C before and know the hassel that comes from it but did have some from 2 years ago. Ill see what the next few days brings.
    Dazed and Confused in new jersey. 21,000 gallon vinyl liner, inground pool, sand filter.

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