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Thread: Jandy 6614 subpanel Power Center

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    Jandy 6614 subpanel Power Center

    I am new and have not found how to post/ask a question... or search the relevant FAQ's. I apologize if my post is out of place here and now. Is this the right place to ask for help in understanding and in learning how to fix a 6614 Jandy power center on my spa that I turned off to repair the filter and now it will not power up when I turn the power back on? Thanks, Cal Jones aka zzjones
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    Re: Jandy 6614 subpanel Power Center

    This is a wonderful place to do that.

    Is there any sign of life at all?

    Do you have a multi-meter or any electrical experience?
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    Re: Jandy 6614 subpanel Power Center

    After posting a full question (below), I gave up and put the sub panel all back together and turned on the power. Suddenly, it all worked! Altho the date and time are set wrong... I guess somehow the control system reset???

    Meanwhile, I notice the system pressure with cartridges installed is 30 pounds. Fearing that was too high (pool store told me if over 20 pounds, I should clean the cartridges), I removed the cartridges. I assume I need new cartridges now because just a couple of days ago I cleaned the cartridges. I wanted to let the pump run, circulate the water, keep the chlorine treating the water. However, even with all the four cartridges removed, the pressure is the same: 30 pounds. The gauge is brand new, came with the new manual air relief assembly I installed yesterday. So now I am wondering if I really new new cartridges or not??? I see on the label on the filter that the filter will operate up to max 50 pounds pressure (I assume without splitting). The cartridges are 5+ years old and look clean... plus I did clean them a couple of days ago too. Is is OK to let the filter pressure stay at 30? Would one expect it to go lower if the cartridges are removed?

    HERE's MY ORIGINAL POST... when I thought I must have a shot transformer:
    There is "life" in the sense the subpanel is getting power (220v). But the sub panel is not putting out any power at all. It is a mystery to me why. All I did was shut off the power at the sub panel when I had the filter disassembled for repair. I had to wait for a part and did not want the pumps to come on (the manual air relief valve was off, needed to be replaced). Then when I replaced the manual air relief assembly DX2420MAR2, I flipped the breakers back "on" and the indicator control panels (one in the sub panel and one in the indoor Jandy RS "One Touch" Control Panel) did not light up. All indication is that there is no low voltage coming out of the 6614 Jandy sub panel Power Center. There are two 2-pole breakers, and one 1-pole breaker (120v). I am assuming the 2-pole breakers supply the power to the two pump motors; the 1-pole breaker goes to the primary circuit of the 24v. transformer part #R0466400. Yes, I used a meter... with all power off at the main panel, I checked continuity on both sides of the transformer... all OK. I also checked the fuse built into the secondary low voltage output: it is soldered into the circuit, but no evidence of failure and it checked on continuity too (but I did not unsolder it.. I checked it in place). I turned the main panel power back "on" and verified the sub panel is getting full power. I verified the 1-pole breaker was working and putting out 120v. to the primary circuit on the transformer. I had left the secondary circuit disconnected from the circuit board so I could put my little electrical meter across the two leads to measure the output voltage. Zero is coming out. This is obviously the issue and I will likely need to replace the transformer... I found quotes ranging from $88 USD to over $150 USD online. But I have not found any one local who has one on hand in San Diego (pool repair stores say they will have to order such a part... maybe next Tuesday at the earliest... coming from Los Angeles area likely?). Meanwhile, the spa water is not being filtered and may develop algae, etc. I am considered just getting a cheap 24v. doorbell transformer, hooking it up and seeing what happens. But, at the same time, I am baffled why or how the transformer might have gone out simply by me having turned off the power for a couple of days, and then turning the power back on when I had the filter manual air relief value assembly replaced. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks,
    1200 gallon, 10'x30" Intex AG metal frame
    Type A cartridge filter, 1000 gph pump, wall mounted skimmer.

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