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Thread: Advice on Test Results

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    Advice on Test Results

    I ran a test for the first time in a couple of weeks. Here are my results:


    This is a 22000 gallon vinyl pool. Pool looks pretty good even with these numbers. Just wondering what order I should adjust everything using the BBB method.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    The gurus will be here momentarily, but it sounds like you are going to have to replace some water to get your CYA down. If you don't you then you are going to have to maintain a 7.3 ppm FC just to maintain minimum sanitary conditions and that is lots of bleach. 2.5 ppm FC is too low based on that CYA. Is your pool completely above ground?


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    No it is completely below ground. I drained about half off already and it dropped from 120 to 100 CYA. I'd hate to drain more because of the terrible drought in Atlanta and the price for water is sky high right now. I don't mind having to keep the FC around 11 for the summer. It takes a little extra bleach to get to 11 initially but if I keep a close eye on it I really only have to add 2-4 bottles a week depending on use.
    22000 gallon, vinyl, 1.5HP Century Centurion Pump
    Hayward Sand Filter (no.20 silica sand)
    PoolVac Plus Automatic Cleaner

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    Main priority is get some bleach in there!

    You needn't worry about CH, unless you have a heater.

    pH is great

    TA could nudge up a little, see this artilce to see which level applies to your pool.

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    TMQ and 257 have got you covered. If you choose not to lower your CYA further, maintain the FC around 11ppm, not letting it get much lower than around 8ppm and you should have a good summer.

    Keep in mind that is not a very good situation and, as soon as it practical, drain some more water and get your CYA down into an easier to manage area....say around 60......everything about your pool water chemistry will work better for you.
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